Operation Rainfall Will Turn to Operation: DIY!

As Jarrod has been updating everyone via our Facebook/Twitter pages, Operation Rainfall has been denied once again by Nintendo of America. Whoever’s responsible for NOA’s Facebook page had this to say:

Thank you for your enthusiasm. We promised an update, so here it is. We never say “never,” but we can confirm that there are no plans to bring these three games to the Americas at this time. Thanks so much for your passion, and being such great fans!

Mark my words, Nintendo; this will not end in your favor. While that employer behind FB was just doing his job, Operation Rainfall continues to march on full speed ahead, insisting fans to keep their Xenoblade pre-orders on amazon and heckling NOA’s Facebook and Twitter pages with pleas. I urge Nintendo fans not to go overboard even though this is upsetting news. Personally, I’m not angry as I know what Operation Rainfall will turn into eventually. Remember; this situation has happened previously with Mother 3 GBA and Fatal Frame 3. Both had similar yet more quieter rally campaigns, which sadly turned into nothing. Worse case scenario, if NOA continues to deny people of these awesome JRPGs, fans will find alternate means of playing this game in English even if NOA doesn’t approve of them.

The first of which is a software modification on your American Wii systems which will make the console region-free, thereby granting access to the upcoming European versions of Xenoblade & The Last Story. Trust me, this mod is so simple to access it’s not even worth explaining in this post. Second method in case Pandora’s Tower doesn’t get translated outside of Japan: fan-translation software patches. This has been done with Fatal Frame 3 in the past, and again it is so simple to do. Eventually, Operation Rainfall will transform into Operation: DIY (Do It Yourself), whereby the campaign will keep fans in-the-know with these inevitable alternate methods. Heck, they may even start up fan-translation projects. I’ll say it here; I’m already set in importing Xenoblade & The Last Story from the UK whether Nintendo of America likes it or not. I mean for crying out loud; instead of this PR denial crap, at least be optimistic; say we’re looking into, say we’re working with Atlus/XSEED to deliver English scripts, say we’re aiming for a 2012 release so that games like Zelda and Kirby have enough exposure. I won’t be angry for a slight delay to next year.

8 thoughts on “Operation Rainfall Will Turn to Operation: DIY!”

  1. I really can’t understand this move. I’m sure these games would not sell that well here… but still enough to make a profit no doubt. Plus, when you look at the Wii’s lineup, Nintendo should be jumping on these occasions. There is nothing coming out for the Wii yet there’s 3 complete awesome games sitting there just waiting to be published here.

  2. Seriously, way to ignore your fans Nintendo. If you want to convince the hardcore gamers that you’re there for them, then at least listen to them. They want more than Zelda and Kirby. This is depressing. Fans have already proven that they will give Nintendo their money if they just go ahead with this–really, fans have put their money on the line via pre-orders. Apparently Nintendo doesn’t like money all that much.

  3. I’ve thought similarly Tim. With Wii U Nintendo wants to.reclaim the hardcore supposedly, but that doesn’t apply to the end of the Wii’s life? They even said recently that Wii will still be supported when U launches, which makes no sense to me given the remaining lineup of this year. It seems to me that Nintendo is so unwilling to publish anything that won’t be a gold mine that I can’t help but question their commitment to us. I know it’s not wise business practice to sell product at a loss, but sometimes in this industry it’s not such a bad thing. Heaven forbid that Nintendo expend a few million on games they know people want to play. Plus it’s plain retarded to limit a game’s market to one or two regions these days. The math isn’t hard. Less consumers = less sales. Either way, all this complaining essentially amounts to nothing since NOA clearly doesnt care, and it doesn’t do well to kick-start their new strategy.

  4. It’s clear that Nintendo is hoping and praying the Wii U appeals to the same crowd as the Wii. This move just proves it. It will cost the company nothing to publish Xenoblade outside of Japan when Nintendo of Europe is bringing it over anyways. All they have to do is re-package it and ship it, wow lots of work. The same is true for The Last Story. This is actually scary because if this is the mentality that’s going to be used to bring back the hardcore crowd, it’s clear that it’s an afterthought and nothing more.

    The Wii has virtually no software hitting from now until the Wii U launches. There’s a new Kirby and Zelda and that’s really about it in terms of large scale marketable software. You can add Mario Party in there if only because it sells like mad, but for the hardcore these three games would have done something. They wouldn’t have sold 20 million units, but they would have showed that at least Nintendo was trying to appease the hardcore.

    Honestly, this scares me more about the Wii U than the Wii. If Nintendo doesn’t want to bother putting up the effort, why are we expected this will change in another year? Can the hardcore fans expect third party support to remain as it always has on Nintendo hardware?

  5. DIY, love it! In fact, I recently installed homebrew on my Wii with the express purpose of unlocking the region crap and making it possible to play an import of The Last Story, hopefully when it’s sold in the UK so I can get it in English.

    However, I’m not seeing much online about using Wii homebrew apps (such as Gecko) with The Last Story. Has anyone tried it with sucess?

    1. Really? That’s news to me regarding The Last Story. That could spell a lot of trouble there if Gecko doesn’t really work with that. I myself am now experimenting with Riivolution since it’s an easier one to access. I only need to install it as a channel through SmashStack instead of the need to install the whole homebrew channel which I won’t be using anyway. So I’m hoping that Riivolution can play The Last Story well. Perhaps the Japanese version is having troubles but the European version will be devoid of them.

    1. My personal experience with homebrew has only been limited to having fan-made game DLC to work and experimenting with region-free functionality. To put it basically, Jarrod; the programs that are made to modify your Wii have an extra function; bypassing the Wii’s system menu therefore allowing you to insert games from any region. You don’t need to install the whole thing just to play games from other regions…and even if you do, you can delete them anytime you want. Obviously, the exploit is done via specific files on SD cards, and the most popular gateway is Super Smash Bros. Brawl’s stage create menu because that’s one of the few games which allows SD card access.

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