Say what? Congress Bill Will Make Online Videos of Games Illegal!

So this is news to me. DarksydePhil, famous videogame play-through person, sheds light on an early bill (S.978) which makes all forms of media entertainment on the internet illegal unless the uploader has permission from the copyright holder. This bill is mainly due to illegal torrents of TV, film, games and music being freely distributed on the internet. The problem is the way this bill is worded right now causes serious repercussions on the legal methods on using copyrighted material, which falls under video sites like YouTube and BlipTV. If this bill is passed, you can no longer show any movie/TV snippets in a critical review of it, you can no longer make a video which contains cover performances or remixes of copyrighted music, and you can no longer make game video reviews/play-throughs/commentary on sites like YouTube. In short, this bill is completely censoring the internet. The only way that you will function is if you’re part of a huge company which has ties to the entertainment industry, allowing you to get permission to use and upload copyrighted footage on the internet with the intent of critically reviewing it or even parodying it. For up and coming people or independent sites like us, it will be impossible to make game video reviews in the future. Thankfully, this bill is still new and under discussion so it may take awhile for the US congress to go through, yet sadly they’ll never get the right information to discriminate illegal torrent downloads from legal use of the entertainment industry unless they’re told about it. If you’re a US citizen which cares about this kind of stuff, follow the directions mentioned in this video in order to correctly inform the law about the right approach to remove copyrighted content from the internet.

3 thoughts on “Say what? Congress Bill Will Make Online Videos of Games Illegal!”

  1. O_O Ok. Yeah.

    Sounds like a prime opportunity for IGN and Gamespot, along with anyone else who has credence on the journalism side of the industry, to monopolize it all.

    Nice to know that our government is continuing to try to police the country. Epic fail.

    Even if they passed this, the criminals would still circumvent the law, because that’s what always happens. This is just like our ‘war on drugs’. We’re losing it, and wasting money. This will fare the same fate.

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