The Legendary Journey – Wind Waker – Chapter 4

Platform: GameCube
Play Time: The time is not recorded in this game.

Where am I? I have been exploring the Great Sea for the last several days and have amassed quite the collection of goodies.  I have all four bottles, the largest quiver and bomb bag, and 19 full heart containers.  In fact, I’m only missing one more piece of heart for the complete set.  There are so any different trading quests and mini-games that it has taken me far longer to complete Wind Waker than I originally thought.  Pertaining to the story, I’ve completed the Earth and Wind Temples and have collected five of the eight Triforce charts.  All that remains now is to find the last charts, talk with Tingle and collect the Triforce shards, return to Hyrule and end Ganon.  This should take me another day at most.

Gameplay advancements: There was a really unique gameplay twist upon entering the Earth Temple, namely having to use Medli as a partner character for the entire dungeon.  Only by working together could Link prevail.  It was interesting because a lot of the puzzles made use of the two characters.  Link could take over Medli’s actions to stand on switches or use her harp to reflect light, which introduced some difficult puzzles. Of all the dungeons in Wind Waker this has been the most challenging because of all the light puzzles, and to be perfectly honest, I really enjoyed it.  Ahmed has said time and again that Spirit Tracks should be my next adventure because of the challenging dungeons, and I might just take him up on that.


Medli & Link make for a great gameplay extravaganza

The Wind Temple featured the exact same gameplay, but with Makar, except I found this dungeon to be a complete pushover.  Makar was only a partner character for the very beginning and end of the dungeon, making it feel much more simplistic compared to the Earth Temple.

I failed to mention this in my previous logs, but when you finish a dungeon, I just love the little dance Link does.  It’s quite hilarious how excited he is to have slayed a massive beast and net himself a full heart container.  I guess I’d be excited too.

Favorite weapon thus far: I really love the fire and ice arrows even thought I scored the Mirror Shield and the Hookshot.  You can’t mess with the classics apparently.  Wind Waker made use of some truly excellent weapons and items, even though it felt as though my overall inventory was lacking compared to other games.  I think this is because all the items were used far more often than in Twilight Princess.  That’s a good thing, just so you know.

Plot Points: After searching the entire Great Sea I finally found Laruto, the old Sage of the Earth Temple.  The Sage told Link the tale of how after the Hero of Time defeated and sealed Ganondorf away; he was revived and returned to Hyrule with a vengeance.  He entered the Earth Temple and stole the soul of the Sage.  The only way to power up the Master Sword is to find someone else who can become the new Earth Temple Sage.  The Sage shows Link a special harp, similar to what Medli carried during the Dragon Roost Cavern dungeon.  You know what that means; she’s going to be the new Earth Temple Sage so Link has to head back to Dragon Roost Island to find her.

After finding Medli and playing a new tune Link learned, Medli faints.  Laruto awakens Medli’s memories and she realizes she is the new Sage of the Earth Temple.  Medli joins Link through the Earth Temple and together they restore half the power to the Master Sword.  Medli then stays behind as Link moves on to find the Sage of the Wind Temple.


This is all I've been doing for the past several days, collecting heart pieces

After a little searching Link finds Fado, the previous Sage to the Wind Temple.  Fado teaches Link a new song and tells him to seek out his descendant.  Fado is a Kokiri, so that means it’s obviously one of the Deku Tree dwellers, and honestly whom else but the one we helped before, Makar.  After playing the new song to Makar, he awakens as the Wind Sage.   That means Link has to take him through the Wind Temple, and fully restore the Master Sword.

After doing just that the King of Red Lions gives Link some troubling news.  Ganon has disappeared from the Great Sea.  While it’s great the Master Sword has been fully restored, without Ganon to use it on, there’s little point.  The King tells Link he must form the Triforce of Courage and return under the sea to Hyrule for he senses great danger there.

Moving the series forward: One of the big problems I had while controlling Medli and Makar was being forced to play the Command Medley.  Wouldn’t it have been easier to just assigned the down direction on the d-pad to act as an auto switch button?  I would like to think so.  If Nintendo ever uses this gameplay mechanic again, they should do just that.

I was going to save this comment for the final entry, but I fear I will forget.  One area that needs to be improved upon is the game’s overall difficulty.  I have never lost more than two full heart containers.  Given I’m right at the end of the game, that’s troubling.  Why bother going for the twenty full heart containers when the game’s just so easy?  The last few Zelda games have also been fairly easy compared to the 2D games on the NES and SNES.  It’s time Nintendo upped the ante a bit and either added a difficulty setting to the game or just made it more hardcore.  I’m sure millions of fans around the world would appreciate that.

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  1. Great stuff man, I’m really far into Spirit Tracks now. Really cool game who would have been so much better if it wasn’t for the train backtracking.

  2. I just finished Wind Waker so tomorrow I’ll post my final entry in this chapter. Then I have to decide what to play. Should I head straight into OoT 3D or Phantom Hourglass? That’s the real question I have. See Ahmed is already covering OoT so I’m not sure doubling up would be interesting for readers. Not really sure what to do to be honest.

  3. I really do want you to play OoT, man. If you’re that excited about it, just play it through and offer dual commentary with me. A cool thing we can do if you’re up for OoT is have some audio logs featuring you and me talking about the game. We haven’t updated our podcast in awhile so we might as well do so. You can even go about it on your own if you like.

    If you can let it wait, then jump up to the DS Zelda games or better yet, Majora’s Mask for VC!

    About your criticism with controlling the NPCs, this has been technically fixed in Spirit Tracks once you get to that game. :)

  4. I won’t touch Majora’s Mask until after I play Ocarina of Time 3D. I played a tiny bit of OoT just to see now the 3DS is and it’s extremely impressive. The thing is that I’m in the Wind Waker mood right now. Gah I just don’t know. We need an OoT 3D review up too, so this is tough. You’re already way top far for me to catch up because I know I’ll try to get all the items and side quests so it’ll take me some time.

    We’ll see what happens in the next few days :)

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