The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Adventure Log – Part IV: Fire & Water

Last Session: 6 hours

Total Playtime: 25 hours

Destination Reached: Just beat the Fire & Water Temples.

Finally finished the Biggaron’s Sword side-quest before heading off to the main dungeons. I must say; it feels pretty good to have this power early on.

Both the Fire and Water temples are breaks from the norm in OoT. The former involves going around and rescuing all the Gorons in order to collect small keys and progress further in the dungeon, while the latter requires a significant amount of backtracking to raise and lower the water levels within the dungeon. My focus will be on the Water Temple since it’s received the most attention within the press. It’s true, Aonuma regrets the difficulty of this dungeon so he has always wanted to redesign it. After playing it, I realize that redesign is such a strong word; while the design and difficulty of this dungeon remain intact, Aonuma and Grezzo add a lot of visual cues and color-coding in order to let the player connect the dots. The color-coding involves symbols and intricate concrete designs which not only aid the player in finding hot spots, but also provide a lot Middle-Eastern flair to a previously barren dungeon. Additionally, the infamous “hidden small key” has now been given an obvious visual cue. Despite the subtle changes, it took me quite awhile to navigate the temple due to the insane amount of backtracking involved when it comes to raising and lowering the water. My problem is that I’m not an efficient user of Farore’s Wind, even with the n64 version. I can see why it’s given me trouble in the past.

Another factor which has made the Water Temple a lot less tedious is the 3DS’s touch-screen equipment menu. In the n64 version, you constantly had to pause the game, scroll to the gear screen and manually change your boots in order to sink/float. The 3DS remake now gives the iron boots item-like properties instead of being in the gear menu, which means you can assign it to a button slot just like the arrows or longshot. I personally like to assign it to a touch button.

Continuing the hunt for gold skulltulas. Up to 77 now. Those things are so well-hidden.

Later days.

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  1. Hey man, about to defeat the final dungeon/boss in Spirit Tracks. Got everything in this game man! Just got all the gold train parts, got all heart containers, got all the bunnies, got all the stamps, even earned a diamond card in beetle’s shop just so I can say (like Jarrod would) that I mastered this game. Defeating Dark Link was awesome too. Great game, about to put it to rest. OOT 3D will be something though, since unline you guys, I only completed it once (and Master Quest too, so twice) and don’t remember anything from it. The only other Zelda game I defeated with everything in it was Majora’s Mask. I have absolutely no clue where all the gold skultulas are and I really don’t feel like checking a guide for that as it’s not as fun playing the game. But I don’t want to have to backtrack to a specific part of an old dungeon either. Gonna be really hard to do that.

    1. Nice, man. I too mastered Spirit Tracks. Really great Zelda game honestly…if it weren’t for the slightly frustrating controls and annoying train , it would’ve been one of the best. But I stand by the fact that the puzzles are perhaps the best in t he series. :)

      I also beat Ocarina of Time only once, Steven. Didn’t even attempt to beat Master Quest before so it’s almost like a totally new experience for me.

  2. Just started Oot 3D today and I must say I enjoy being back on this adventure :)!!!

    Some of the things I like this 3DS version is how the mini map and item screens are all on the bottom screen. The visuals are stunning and I can see how the 3D aspect of it makes it even better for myself but for the one thing that prevents me from playing most parts in 3D is that I tend to move around with 3DS and don’t always look straight forward at it which makes the 3D hard on my eyes if you watch it somewhat sideways.

    I can’t wait to actually take time and play more. Had such a busy weekend though so didn’t have time to actually play alot since I bought it. Still it was good to have a small break off of games this weekend and enjoy the weather and all the fun that came with it :)!

  3. That final-duet with Zelda is total bullshit man. I’ve been playing that song for like 30 minutes, sometimes nailing it and it won’t ****** register dammit. I always hated those duets but this one is simply unreal. I don’t know if it’s harder on the 3DS because the mic is not on the same place (btw, where is the mic on the 3DS). I’m gonna try this again tomorrow, but I have to say I’m extremely displeased that they would rely on a gimmickly (and broken) feature that requires you to blow into a mic while changing notes with the stylus at this stage of the game. I went on youtube and saw people doing it, even though I would swear I’ve had better results and it worked for them. So pissed off right now.

    1. Not sure what you’re talking about there Steven, but that sounds crappy. I have no idea where the mic is on the 3DS.

      Stephane, I used to have the same problems you’re having with moving the 3DS around, but I’ve done everything in my power to make sure that I don’t because keeping the 3D effect on makes a major difference.

      As for the game itself, I’ll have my first OoT log up tomorrow. Yes I caved and played through OoT. I’m about half way through the game and will only have three logs for it before moving on to Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks.

      In terms of mastering Zelda games, I’ve mastered every Zelda game ever made except for Spirit Tracks, which I never even played. OoT, The Legend of Zelda, Link’s Awakening and A Link to the Past I know inside and out. I can finish all of these games in a few days, and a single play-through in terms of the rest. I can do the same for Zelda II, but I need to play through Castlevania first to get myself ready for a major challenge. Outside of those games, the rest require me to take my time. MM, TWW, TP, etc, all require more thought. The same is true for the Flagship Zeldas like the Oracles and Minish Cap. Only finished those games once.

  4. I actually just completed the first dungeon in OOT3D and so far, I am enjoying the heck out of the 3D! I don’t know if it will last, but the 3D didn’t bother me at all, it actually enhanced the experience. I only played for about 40 minutes though, so it might gimme a headache after a while. We’ll see. Also, I really dig the gyroscope. It’s awesome and easy to shoot stuff with the slingshot because of that. Will play more tomorrow.

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