The Legendary Journey – Wind Waker – Chapter 5

Platform: GameCube
Play Time: The time is not recorded in this game.

Where am I? I finished the game with 100% of the items and side-quests completed.

Gameplay advancements: Not too much happened during the last leg of the game.  I discuss the final battle with Ganondorf below and how awesome it was.

Favorite weapon thus far: To wrap up, Wind Waker had an excellent balance between most of the weapons, much more so than Twilight Princess.  I stuck with the clawshot, bow and arrow and boomerang for just about the entire game.

Plot Points: With all eight pieces of the Triforce found, the Triforce of Courage fused itself together.  Upon arriving at the Tower of the Gods, The King of Red Lions told Link that he must show the Triforce to gods.  Once he raised the Triforce into the air, it embedded itself within Link.  The Triforce now appeared on his left hand, proving he is the one true hero.  Imagine all of this was just to prove he had what it takes.  The King finally tells Link that his journey is coming to an end and because he has proved himself the one true hero, he will forever be known as The Hero of Winds.  With that out of the way, Link heads back down to Hyrule.

Once inside Hyrule Castle, the statue of the Hero of Time has been completely destroyed.  Link made his way down to Princess Zelda, only to find Ganondorf had kidnapped her.  Link ran outside of Hyrule Castle, destroyed Ganon’s barrier and had full access to Hyrule Field.  This Hyrule field isn’t exactly as you remembered it from Ocarina of Time; it’s only a fraction of the size and ends once you arrive at Ganon’s Tower.

What's this?

Some of the coolest moments in the entire game happened in Ganon’s Tower, including black and white fights with the previous bosses.  It’s funny how easy they were to defeat when you know exactly what to do, whereas the first time around they took far longer…but were almost just as easy.

Right before the epic battle with Ganondorf began, Link found the secret portal Ganondorf was using to leave Hyrule and traverse the Great Sea.  I didn’t use the portal, but remembered that it lead back to the Forbidden Fortress.

Upon entering Ganondorf’s room at the top of the tower, Link found Zelda sleeping in a bed, a nice little homage to Zelda II there.  Ganondorf looks into Zelda’s dreams and see nothing but oceans.  He finds out that the gods sealed away Hyrule and that only a select few would one day be able to find new land.  He laughed and said that it was ridiculous that Link or Zelda would be the chosen ones.  He said the gods destroyed everyone and now he will destroy Link.  Zelda disappeared and Ganondorf transformed into Puppet Ganon.  After the puppet form was defeated, Ganondorf transformed himself into a giant spider.  After that he morphed into a Moldorm.

Hands-down the most epic battle with Ganondorf ever

With all three forms defeated Ganondorf said to Link that he must be the Hero of Time reborn.  He grabbed Zelda, who was still unconscious and flew to the very top of the tower.  Once Link got there Ganondorf told Link his country used to be in a vast desert.  When the sun rose into the sky, a burning wind punished his lands, searing the world.  When the moon climbed into the dark of night, a frigid gale pierced the country.  Every time the wind came, it brought death along with it.  He said that he coveted the wind so very long ago and that it was fate that prevented him from his goal so many years ago.  He said that it was ironic he would once again gather the three with the crests and force the gods to reveal themselves.  Ganondorf controlled the Triforce of Power and now he had the Triforce of Wisdom as well.  All that remained was Link’s.

He quickly struck Link and the Master Sword went flying towards Zelda.  He grabbed Link and told him that he wished to put an end to that which linked them.  All three Triforce parts started shining as the Triforce itself was once again formed.  Ganondorf approached, but just then the King of Hyrule touched the Triforce and wished for Link and Zelda to have a future and to wash away the ancient land of Hyrule.  He asked for a ray of hope to shine on the future of the world.

At that moment the Triforce resonated and water poured into Hyrule.  Ganondorf started laughing like a lunatic because he couldn’t believe the King had so much faith in Link and Zelda.  Link slowly awakened, as did Zelda.  She told Link that it was time they left Hyrule for the Great Sea.  Link took back the Master Sword and Zelda grabbed Link’s bow and Light Arrows.

Who says Nintendo only makes kiddie games?

The final battle was one of the most epic battles ever seen in a Zelda game.  Water was pouring in all over the place; Link and Zelda both took turns shooting Light Arrows into Ganondorf and using the Master Sword to weaken him.  Eventually Ganondorf knocked out Zelda and Link had to parry Ganondorf’s attacks.  After which Zelda shot Link with a Light Arrow ricocheting off his Mirror Shield and into Ganondorf, stunning him.  Link ended the battle by taking the Master Sword and shoving it into Ganondorf’s head.

Ganondorf said the wind was blowing again as he turned completely to stone.  The King of Hyrule came out and said he regrets everything he had done.  He missed his old kingdom and all those that inhabited it.  He said that he was bound to Hyrule, like Ganondorf.  He asked Link and Zelda to live for the future.  He said farewell and that he wished he could do more, but the Great Sea is the only world he was able to give them.  He also asked for forgiveness.

Zelda told the King he could go with them to find new land, the next Hyrule, but the King said it would never truly be Hyrule.  It would be their land, their Hyrule.  At that moment all of Hyrule was flooded by the Great Sea as Link and Zelda, in air bubbles, made their way back up to the surface.  In a touching moment Link reached for the King of Hyrule as in to say good-bye old friend.

When Link and Zelda came to, they were on the Great Sea and Zelda is once again back in Tetra form.  The pirates and Link’s sister found them along with Medli and Makar.  Everyone waved at each other and the credits rolled.

Link and Zelda now must find the new Hyrule

After the credits there was a scene where we see Link and the pirates sail off looking for the new land, with everyone on Outset Island waving goodbye.  Tetra said the wind will guide them to Hyrule.  Aryll waves goodbye as Link and Tetra sail off into the great unknown.  The end.

Wrap up: I’ve got to admit, The Wind Waker is one of the best games in the series.  I never really gave it much of a chance because I was so ticked off by the way it looked.  Today, I experienced it with open eyes and was shocked by how enjoyable it was.  The travelling took a lot out of me because it was tedious and the Triforce of Courage fetch quest was a bit much, but the heavy focus on story as well as great use of items and weapons more than made up for those shortcomings.  If you never had the chance to experience The Wind Waker you might want to do yourself a favor and go pick up a copy for dirt-cheap and enjoy.  It really is a fantastic game.

Moving forward I hope Nintendo takes a lot of what I mentioned in this series and incorporates these suggestions into Skyward Sword.  We need to experience more of a challenge, keep side-quests interesting and put the focus on the story and interesting characters as much as possible.  If they can combine all of these things with everything else I said, Skyward Sword will be a Zelda for the ages.

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3 thoughts on “The Legendary Journey – Wind Waker – Chapter 5”

  1. Awesome game dude, really agree that the fight with Ganon in WW was the most epic of the series.

    BTW, I think Spirit Tracks is the game in the entire series that best uses the weapons and items. I’m at the last dungeon (I think) and the game still makes use of all of the weapons and items regurly to solve puzzles. And the puzzles are a blast to solve!

  2. Agree with Steven on both accounts. Those final moments of TWW really give me chills to this very day. From Ganondorf’s insane laughter (VERY well-acted) to his cunning actions of not killing Zelda and Link but just obtaining their Triforce pieces, to the King suddenly appearing and making his wish. Awesome. Simply awesome. I would love to see if Nintendo follows up this story somehow by raising up Hyrule from the seas again, but I highly doubt that’ll happen.

    As for Spirit Tracks, I’m glad you’re loving it, Steven. The puzzles in Spirit Tracks are indeed some of the best in the series as I wrote in my log long ago. This sort of challenge is what I want to see in Skyward Sword.

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