Time To Claim Your Club Nintendo Reward

As per usual the Club Nintendo rewards for North America aren’t anywhere near as wickedly awesome as those offered in Japan and Europe, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers.  The Club Nintendo year runs from July 1st to June 30th and this year gold members (1 to 599 coins) receive the typical calendar for the upcoming year, and platinum members (600 coins and above) receive a Super Mario pin collection.  Both rewards must be claimed before August 1st.  I’ve already claimed my platinum prize, have you?

Here's the platinum reward
...and the gold reward

9 thoughts on “Time To Claim Your Club Nintendo Reward”

  1. I’ll admit this is the most disappointing platinum prize they’ve ever offered. I can only imagine how they’ll top this next year O_o. To think I’m already at the gold prize for next year lol.

  2. Seriously Jarrod, what do you do with these things? I know for myself that the last thing I need is more useless things that can collect dust. I’m not even sure about getting that OOT CD… since I know I won’t listen to it ever, since I rarely listen to CD’s.

  3. The CD offer is over Steven, but for that I’ll import the tracks to iTunes and leave it at that. Believe it or not but Microsoft sends me a lot of bottons, nut yes they’re technically going to sit here and collect dust. I’ll just these new ones to the others I have and maybe give them to a younger family member who can put them on his/her bag.

  4. Cool cool. I just try to avoid buying or getting stuff that I don’t need or use. That CD would have been cool, but I knew I would never use it therefore opted not to get it, even though it was free.

  5. These prizes are…pretty lame. Still, it’s hard to complain at getting stuff for free I guess.

    Why can’t we get something really worth saving up for? I don’t know, like a free game or something? Or save up coins for a limited edition system? If I could save up coins to get a Zelda-themed 3DS, that would be amazing.

  6. I don’t know why you can’t redeem coins for Nintendo Points (at least in North America), or why you can’t spend them to buy certain Virtual Console & WiiWare download tickets. It’d be nice for those who don’t already have them.

    As for the Platinum reward this year, it is a bit of a let-down. :(

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