12 thoughts on “Pokemon Battle #12: Puk vs Dante”

  1. Wow what a battle man!!! There is soo much to the element of battles than just damage and types. There is a lot of risk and chance in these matches! Btw all, Steven and I battled for the first time today, and his Bird pokemon wtf owned my lol but it was a lot of fun tho!

    I have soo much to learn in this game. Amazing how the online features makes Pokemon a whole different exp and game than playing the normal story solo version. It’s a lot of fun, and pretty hard too. I mean, a lot of people think Pokemon is an easy kid’s game…not the case really…not at all

    Oh, are you going to post a video of our first battles soon man? ;)

  2. I have a question for you Steven…why does the burn messed up your Balls moves up so much?

  3. Awesome battle as always.

    The burn also lowers the attack stat of the pokemon. In the case of ferrothorn, he has only physical attack moves and they will all be less effective because of the burn. Especially Explosion.

  4. Wow it does that much away tho? Maybe I need to find a move that will burn when used then. Must of my fire moves don’t seem to do so

  5. I’ve always been fascinated by Pokémon because of it’s apparent depth. As you all know I just never got into it for some reason. It’s similar to my history of Kirby.

    I look forward to your butt kicking Timothy.

  6. Jarrod!!! You need to get Pokemon so I can kick your butt online buddy ;)

    Make it so, and thanks Steven…I look forward to your video next week. Good times

  7. I love forward to that battle, should be funny as hell. Now Timothy, where in the blue blazes is that friend code of yours? Was it too complicated for you to find? ;)

  8. Funny because most of the winners I follow everyday on youtube. The runner-up in the Seniors division, Haydenn, has a really funny channel. Good stuff. I wasn’t suprised at all by the most popular moves and pokes. Really nice that they only used B&W pokemon for this tournament.

  9. Well I do plan on raising three of those listed on IGN’s site…before even reading the report haha. Also, I’m surprised how much grass moves are used in battles. Interesting stuff, and I can’t wait to give Steven a good battle in the near future haha.

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