Kirby’s Dream Land for 3DS, classic or outdated?

I can’t seem to stop buying those 4$ Game Boy classics on the 3DS Virtual Console. I remember playing a Kirby game on my Game Boy Pocket as a child and thought this might be it. Turns out that the game I used to own (I might still do…) was in fact Kirby’s Dream Land 2. With a little bit of research after, I found out that this is actually Kirby’s very first adventure. So for those of you who have never played a Kirby game (I’m looking at you Jarrod), this is the perfect place to start. Be warned however, Kirby is missing his coolest ability in his original game, the ability to copy his enemies powers. Because of this, you might want to wait for the inevitable sequel. I remember that Kirby’s Dream Land 2 was an excellent portable title, one that required you to go back and get every single secret item in order to defeat the true final boss.

I’ve played my share of Kirby in my days, but can’t claim myself as an expert on the guy. I must say Kirby 64 was and still is one of my favourite platformers. It was simply awesome, especially at that stage when the Nintendo 64 had one game per 3 months if that. My point is, Kirby’s original adventure is no pushover. This surprised the heck out of me as every Kirby game is usually absent of any challenge at all. I think not being able to adsorb your foe’s abilities is a game changer. It really makes things that much harder. I did manage to complete the game on my first try (and barely at that) but the game unlocks the “extra” mode after that and I couldn’t even defeat the first boss! Wow… this is a Kirby title? Very nice. It gives more reasons to continue playing. I must make a man of myself and complete this Kirby game!

Compared to today’s games, this will not wow the kids. Still, the nostalgia factor is more than enough for me. I’ve always been a Game Boy guy from the 90’s moving on and it feels great to have access to tons of classics on one system without having to input any cartridges. For 4$, these games are dirt cheap. Still, there are only 5 levels here. Gamers with skills might not find much for their money. I don’t know if my article helps you in any way, but I sure am enjoying this new Virtual Console. I’ll probably download Donkey Kong next in the hopes that Nintendo ports over the Donkey Kong Land titles. Those were awesome! Peace out.

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  1. When I found out that you can’t copy abilities in Kirby’s Dream Land, that pretty much killed my chances of downloading it. A bit too simple for me. I love Kirby though. Kirby Super Star is what first got me into the series, and it’s arguably the best installment to this very day.

  2. As you all know I have never really played any of the games in this series, but I did download this one and plan to give it a go. It should compliment Zelda nicely as something different. Even though this one sounds quite simplistic, it should be fun.

  3. Just don’t base the whole series off this one, Jarrod. It’s the first Kirby game and it’s really, really simple because you can’t even copy off abilities. I wanna push you to check out Kirby Super Star, either for the SNES virtual console or if you can track down the DS enhanced port. Lots of gameplay flavors in one game! If you want meaty Kirby experience though, definitely download Kirby 64 and/or Kirby’s Dream Land 3 for the SNES Virtual Console. Both are very, very good platformers.

  4. The 2nd GameBoy game is also very cool, so download that once it gets released. This one is extremely simple, like Mario Land was but these are very old portable games. I’m sure they were landmarks back in the day. Funny because both Mario Land and Kirby’s Dream World got extremely superior sequels after that.

  5. Well I played through the first level before having to take off, but thus far it seems like a decent enough platformer. I understand that not all powers are available in this game, but that’s alright. I enjoy these kinds of quick platformers. When I have a chance I think I’ll go through it completely. Right now I saved right at the start of the second level, but should have some free time later to finish if off. It’s most likely only a few levels anyways, right?

  6. There’s 4 levels, plus a 5th level where you need to rebeat all previous 4 bosses plus the final boss. Really not that hard on the regular difficulty. Try the hard mode after. Just defeated the first 2 bosses on that mode. Real hard so far I find.

  7. Will do Steven. I just entered the Water Temple in OoT and finished virtually all the side-quests so I shouldn’t have too much left of that game. Just waiting to post the first part of the next chapter of the Legendary Journey. At this rate OoT will be two parts lol.

  8. You probably are. This game originally took me months to complete with 100% of the items and Gold Skulltulas. Today, I know where virtually everything is. The trick with the Skulltulas is to make it night in villages. Get your butt to Kakariko village ASAP and head to the Graveyard and defeat the two ghost composers towards the end of the graveyard. That will give you the Sun’s Song which allows you to turn night to day and vice versa. Makes finding everything that much easier.

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