The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Adventure Log – Part V: Spirit Sequence Break?

Total Playtime: 33 Hours

Last Session: 5-6 hours

Destination Point: in Ganon’s Castle. Shadow Trial finished.

So I found it peculiar that you can actually sequence break OoT 3D if you wish, similar to the original Legend of Zelda & A Link to the Past. I didn’t realize that until the very end of the game when I visited the Spirit Temple before the Shadow Temple. Technically, the Spirit Temple should be the last stage in the game, but it would’ve made my life so much easier if I got to it immediately after finishing the Forest Temple. You only need the hookshot and Lens of Truth to get through Gerudo Valley’s stealth and desert sequences, and the Temple itself doesn’t require except the hookshot in order to be navigated. Perhaps the Scarecrow’s Song makes it maneuverable if you don’t have the longshot. As a matter of fact, the simplicity of the Spirit Temple took me by surprise, as those mirror puzzles are quite easy by today’s standards. Although I’ll admit it is one of my favorites in the game simply because you must get through it as a child and adult….unlike the rest of the adult-oriented temples. The Shadow Temple was surprisingly refreshing, too. Kinda challenging to be honest. I remember having a lot of difficulty with the final boss back in the old days…today it gave me quite a challenge, too…but since I know the so-called “weak point” it wasn’t as hard as before. I like the fact that it pays homage to Kirby Super Star. Not many people notice that it’s basically a 3D version of a boss in Kirby.

Anyway, I now have 100% completed all the side-quests and am in Ganon’s Castle. I’ll end it soon and provide a short final thoughts log, hopefully followed by a full-fledged review.

5 thoughts on “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Adventure Log – Part V: Spirit Sequence Break?”

  1. That’s right, we need that review! On top of that, if you’re going to take on the Master Quest I think that would also be an interesting article to follow. I know that after the main quest I’m going to head off to Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. I can always return at a later date to finish off the Master Quest, but the whole purpose of my articles was to follow along my Zelda adventures and the Master Quest features the exact same story.

  2. Do any of you guys know how to get that heart piece from the grave digger in kakariko village? I’ve made him dig into all the possible holes last nite twice with no luck…

  3. Steven, this is one of the most annoying parts in the entire game. It’s completely random my friend. When I played the N64 original it took me three days of getting rupees, coming back to get him to dig, over and over again. This time around, I scored it on the second hole he dug up. Just keep at it and eventually it’ll pop up.

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