7 thoughts on “Pokebattle #13 Melfice joins the fun!”

  1. Haha great first video of many folks! Steven knows his Pokemon, and I have a lot to learn indeed. I did have a lot of fun battling, but man some of his pokes wtf own my team atm haha. Things will change once I have a lot more exp under my belt!

  2. Nice, Steven you finally got to try out your substitute strategy lol.

    Nice first match Tim, I think changing Vannilux into a water type was probly something that you shouldn’t of done considering you did have a fire type but it is the first step in learning online battle :P. I liked the pokemon’s you used tho don’t usually see them!

  3. Yeah Stephane, I think the water change move was a big mistake indeed. But live and learn is the only way to improve…much like Steven said himself.

    Thanks, I like my pokemon right now. You will see other types soon enough!

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