Sweeping with Scrafty (AKA Scrafty FTW)

There are a few pokes in Black & White that can be very dangerous if you don’t watch out. A Volcarana can easily end you in a few turns if you let it boost a few turns while you switch. The same can be said about Blaziken (who is now banned from most playlists) with his speed boost ability. Scrafty is another poke to watch out for. While mine doesn’t carry very impressive physical stats, he can take anything physical or special except for the ocassional critical hits and the super effective attacks. When my opponent sees a mismatch and goes for a switch, this gives me the opportunity to use a Dragon Dance. Because of that move, I’m in position to KO almost any poke with a High Jump Kick. Of course, it’s a bit risky as that move has a 10% (trust me, it looks more like 30%) chance of missing and cutting your HP in half. There’s also the chance of having a speedier poke against you. My Scrafty isn’t fast at all but one Dragon Dance usually does the trick against 50% of all pokes.

There’s also the danger of facing a ghost type. If well predicted, switching to a ghost type is an automatic miss for High Jump Kick which can be a game changer. That’s why he also carries Crunch and Ice Punch. Crunch is stab and will hit hard with a Dragon Dance. The most dangerous factor about Scrafty is his ability, Moxie. Everytime he KO’s a poke, he gets a nice attack raise. Combine that with Dragon Dance and you’re in a pretty good situation to swipe his entire team. This works a lot better when you have an offensive Scrafty, but I like the fact that mine can survive anything that’s not effective against him. Hope you enjoyed this short video!

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  1. Haha soo overpowered man ;) Good video and thanks for sharing. I got to raise one of these guys myself now lol

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