Take A Look At All The Dwarves From The Hobbit

For one reason or another there appears to be a heck of a lot of gamers who loved The Lord of the Rings movies.  Given that The Hobbit is getting released in the not too distant future, I thought it would be kind of cool to show you all the band of dwarves.  You’ll be getting to know these guys rather well.

What do you think everyone?  I, myself am very excited for these two movies although I’m quite curious to see how they plan to take a story that’s 300-odd pages and convert that material into two three-hour movies when the complete LotR saga was well over 1,200 pages and it formed three three-hour movies.  We’ll see soon enough I suppose.

2 thoughts on “Take A Look At All The Dwarves From The Hobbit”

  1. I wasn’t aware that they were making two movies… Probably gonna be super slow paced :(

  2. Yeah they’re adding in tons of characters and stops that weren’t included in the original book. They want to bridge the gap between The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ring so it flows more smoothly. Does anyone remember Sarumon playing a key role in the Hobbit? Well he’s in the movies.

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