What Does This Image Mean?

This week is Comic-Con which typically brings with it a few surprises.  That’s exactly what happened today when Marvel released the following teaser image.

For those not old enough to have read through the infamous Clone Saga, this was the famous blue hoodie worn by Peter Parker’s clone, Ben Reilly. So what exactly does this teaser image mean?  Only time will tell, but since the Jackal is making his return, and he was heavily featured in the Clone Saga, could we also see the return of Ben Reilly?

What do you Spidey fans think about this?

3 thoughts on “What Does This Image Mean?”

  1. I’m wondering exactly what this means. Ben has been dead for a long time, and we saw him melt for goodness sakes. If they do decide to bring him back that would be completely ridiculous. Did you see that Marvel killed off Bucky as well? I’m at the point now where I barely read any superhero books from the main two companies. I stick with Vertigo titles, Chew and a few others. I keep Spidey for the obvious reason that my run is almost complete.

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