Nintendo Confirms Full List of Free Games For 3DS Ambassadors

I suppose I should start by saying that the following list pertains only to Japanese 3DS Ambassadors, but I doubt very much the list will change when Nintendo of America finally gets back to us.  Here’s what will be available for download in Japan come September 1st.

Super Mario Bros.

Donkey Kong Jr.

Balloon Fight

Ice Climber

The Legend of Zelda

Wrecking Crew

Mario Open Golf

Yoshi’s Egg


Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

What do you all think of this list of freebies?  I say, that’s a nice assortment of classics and a few lesser known gems in there as well.  It’ll be nice having an official version of Mario, Zelda and Metroid to have on the go.

One thought on “Nintendo Confirms Full List of Free Games For 3DS Ambassadors”

  1. I’m good with the list. It would’ve been nice to have Super Mario Bros. 3, Kirby’s Adventure, Punch Out, or Star Tropics in there, but I suppose Nintendo wouldn’t want to give out all of its top NES material. The list is varied though. I would absolutely love to see the Mother series make some kind of debut on the 3DS (Nintendo did officially translate Mother 1 for NES, it just never went into production), but I sincerely doubt that. I do expect I’ll be buying some of the upcoming 3D Classics too, especially if it’s true that Mega Man 2 and Castlevania are getting the 3D treatment.

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