3DS Expansion Slide Pad Is Real

That’s right everyone, the 3DS Expansion Slide Pad is real and it’s UGLY.  The 3DS sits inside the cradle and allows players access to a second analog nub.  The main reason for this new peripheral is Capcom’s bringing over the Wii Monster Hunter over to the 3DS.  The real question is whether or not those rumors of a brand new re-modeled 3DS are true.  We’ll find out next week.  For now, look on at one of the ugliest add-ons in recent memory.  Hopefully it will feel more comfortable than it looks.

8 thoughts on “3DS Expansion Slide Pad Is Real”

  1. What an ugly add-on. It’s most likely not compatible with my nyko battery pack. This sucks. I hope most games don’t support it ’cause I don’t want it.

  2. Man that looks…weird. I guess it’s a workaround so the 3DS can have dual analog control. If the option is either this thing or the remodeled system…I’ll take the remodel. Monster Hunter coming to the 3DS is pretty cool news (it’s one of the few MMO’s I’ve tried playing, and a friend of mine got really into it), and I can bet it’ll increase the 3DS’s popularity in Japan for sure.

  3. From what I’ve heard the main reason for this is something akin to the price drop, Nintendo was forced into a corner. Basically a lot of third parties have demanded a second analog stick on the PSP since it originally launched and then Nintendo released a portable more powerful than the PSP, but omitted the second analog. So this is their work around. They knew Sony had Vita coming out right around the corner so instead of announcing a remodel only a few months after the 3DS launched, this buys them some time. Then again, if Nintendo announces a remodel this early, it won’t really make that much of a difference.

    All I know is that come next week, we’re going to see some MAJOR news from both Nintendo and Sony pertaining to their portable offerings. Prepare for complete madness.

    1. Yeah, you definitely have to see this as a calculated move, and I can understand why it’s necessary. I’ll probably still get this peripheral when it’s release because it will open up a lot of possibilities for what games can be created on the 3DS. The one analog stick does limit what control possibilities are there. If you’ve played Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D, you’ll understand what I mean. It’s a fun game, but the controls have to work within the 3DS control limitations. So moving and shooting (dual analog control) is impossible, and we get the RE4-style gunplay…which I’m fine with, but that’s beside the point. Adding the second stick basically tells developers there’s no functionality upside to the Vita. Before, it was clear that the Vita had the advantage because of that change, now with the pricedrop and the addition of this peripheral, Sony will have a tougher job trying to catch on again right out of the gate.

      Nintendo will probably want to pick up steam with the 3DS–some big releases this holiday should help it catch on. Tokyo Game Show and Nintendo’s special pre-TGS announcement will most likely be about a flurry of third party support for the system. And with Sony’s unveiling of 18 as-of-yet unannounced Vita games, it’ll be one impressive show.

  4. There is no question that a second analog stick is a necessity. That’s why we’re getting n64 ports instead of gamecube ones, the control options with the current 3DS are too limited. Still, it should have been with the system to begin with. That peripheral is butt ugly, plus the general audience does not like to purchase these kind of things. I hope they announce a 3DS lite and I hope that I can transfer all my downloadable games to that system.

  5. Thinking of Wii’s Monster Hunter game…I might be playing that after I’m done with Dragaon Age! It looks like a fun game to me

  6. I’m sure they will announce something Steven. It may not be a Lite, but something at least incorporating the second analog nub. It’s critical that gets added to the system ASAP.

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