Along With Good News Comes Some Weird News

It looks as though the investing community isn’t too thrilled with what Capcom, Square-Enix and Nintendo had to say at Nintendo’s press conference earlier this morning.  Remember that Japan’s local time is twelve hours ahead of us Eastern local timers.  Wow, that just sounds weird.  Anyways, the point being that as I write this the market for Tuesday has already opened and closed and the results are quite surprising.

As a whole the Nikkei was up 1%, but shares of Capcom fell 8.3% on news that Monster Hunter 4 would be shipping for the 3DS.  Shares of Square-Enix fell 3.9% on news the company was bringing a brand new IP (Bravery Default: Flying Fairy) to the 3DS.  This was after their incredible stock drop of 10% after the Dragon Quest X Online announcement.  Last, but certainly not least is Nintendo, whose stock fell an additional 5% after this morning’s press conference.

It’s clear investors have yet to be won over by the recent price drop and announcements Nintendo has made.  Investors are a curious bunch and apparently they fail to see the future potential of everything Nintendo has done in the last few weeks to ensure the survival and future success of the 3DS.  As an investor myself, I fail to see why so many are concerned.  Clearly the 3DS has future potential and the announcements made this morning only solidify that fact.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens when Sony makes their announcements later this evening.

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