Sony Confirms Vita – PS3 Connectivity Works Like Wii U

TGS is officially on right now and Sony has confirmed what we all thought was possible between the Vita and the PS3.  Players will be able to use their Vita to remote play PS3 games directly on their Vita from anywhere in the house.  For those curious how you would play a PS3 game on the Vita when the Vita is missing a few buttons, well that’s where the back trackpad comes in.  Players just tap the back of the Vita to emulate pressing the L2 and R2 buttons.

This little bad boy appears to have some real power in it

The other functionality confirmed was using your Vita as a controller for your PS3 games.  While this would be pretty useless right now, the idea is that some developer could want to port over some Wii U games and therefore players with the Vita would have full access to the touch screen and the trackpad for further gameplay options.

Both of these features are very interesting because it proves that the Wii U games will be able to be ported to the PS3, which is exactly what Sony wants.

Do either of these gaming options interest you?

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