You Know You Want To See The Official Dragon Quest X Trailer

I had uploaded the video to YouTube, but Square-Enix shot it down right away.  Instead I’ve uploaded the FLV file to my personal Dropbox.  If you want to give it a download, just hit the following link.  Keep in mind the file is 50-odd MB of HD goodness.  I hope you all enjoy, for as long as I can keep it up ;)  Why Square-Enix doesn’t want people seeing this is beyond me as it’s currently available on their Japanese DQ X site in the same quality.

I’m pretty sure you guys have a lot to say about this, so start talking!


5 thoughts on “You Know You Want To See The Official Dragon Quest X Trailer”

  1. Epic! The enemy animation is surprisingly detailed for a Wii game. Glad to see some attachment to DQIX with that golden train making an appearance.

  2. ….why doesn’t S-E WANT people to see this? It’s cool! My heart always swoons when I hear the classic Dragon Quest fanfare. One of the best themes in all of gaming.

  3. I think Square-Enix is losing touch of the industry. They should be shoving this trailer in the face of everyone including North Americans. Get people excited, get people talking, get everyone onboard right from the get-go.

    As for the trailer, I really liked what they did. The new overture sounds great and it’s clear this one will follow in the footsteps of IX, which is great since it’s online. My biggest hope is the story gets as much focus as the past titles.

    1. I like the different character types, Akira Toriyama’s character designs are always really fun. The Elf looks quite a bit different than what I would normally expect, and seems to be more like a wizard class. The Ogre class also looks far more…humanoid. I thought they would be more beastlike, but I like how they all look. The male Dwarf remind me quite a bit of Yangus from DQVIII too.

      My guess is maybe Square-Enix is putting all of their marketing effort into Final Fantasy XIII-2 right now, and will push this game more after that hits. I can expect that in Japan, they are already guaranteed sales given the popularity of the game, while in North America, they want to make the sequel more appealing and let people know they’ve learned from their mistakes. I am actually pretty excited for XIII-2, it seems like the developers have taken to heart a lot of criticisms people leveled against XIII.

  4. I really need to get my act together and play FF XIII even though I hear lots of negative things about it from diehard JRPG fans.

    DQ will sell no matter what Square-Enix does, but I’m curious just how MMO-like it will be. in the gameplay demonstration shown the game looked like World of WarCraft with hundreds of characters running all over the place with their little names over their heads. If that’s the case I will be tremendously disappointed. I dont mind if the game plays like IX but online. That way a small group can work together on the quests and have a tightnite storyline.

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