New Dragon Quest X Details Emerge

Our good buddies at Andriasang have found some new info on Dragon Quest X.  According to Game Memo Dragon Quest X will feature an ending boss, unlike virtually all other MMOs out there.  That wasn’t the only thing revealed.

– The game will feature a robust storyline as deep as players expect from a Dragon Quest.

– Each of the five unique races will have their own dedicated quests for players to take part in.

– The game world is several times larger than the one created for DQ VIII.

– Inns will now feature a concierge who will inform players on upcoming events and challenges.

– Players will be able to visit a post office in order to send and receive messages from their friends.

– While the game will automatically save after completing each quest, players will still have the option of visiting a church in order to save their progress.

– At the game’s onset players start off as a human, but then something happens which allows them to choose a different race, or remain as a human.

– Players can not only create their own digital avatar, but also their brother or sister, whom they begin the game living with.

– The Wii version will be released first sometime in 2012, and the Wii U version will follow that release at a later date.

That’s all the new info we have for you at this time, but it’s really nice to see information slowly trickle out.  It also sounds like Dragon Quest X isn’t quite your typical MMO after all.  Before I let you go, be sure to take a look at the new screenshots Square-Enix released today.

2 thoughts on “New Dragon Quest X Details Emerge”

  1. I kept saying it before. But it’s basically an extension of DQIX’s foundation. Sounds like a lot of fun with a huge replay value. IX was more than enough for me. 100 hours just to finish the main quest alone. I haven’t even touch the DLC/post-game content.

    What I’d like to know if my progress transfers to the Wii U version or if the online servers are cross compatible between the two consoles. Square-Enix will have to implement this functionality in order for the Wii U version to be appealing enough. If I have to start from scratch, I’m opting for the Wii U version. If I can transfer my progress, then I’m definitely giving the Wii version a try.

  2. They already confirmed the Wii U version will use the same servers so cross-play will be available from the get-go Ahmed. I have no idea about the save file, but I see no reason why that won’t also be cross-platform.

    The real question is whether or not the Wii version will ever ship outside of Japan. I’m opting for a big no on that. I’m fairly certain North American and European DQ fans will only see the Wii U version, which is perfectly fine by me to be perfectly honest.

    As for X being an extension of IX, I fully agree and feel that this is exactly what IX should have been from day 1, an online game instead of LAN only.

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