Introducing “Remembering…”

Given all the retro talk Steven and I have been doing lately, I thought this would be a really cool feature to introduce.  I’m certain you guys have enjoyed my little offscreen Sega Saturn videos, well now it’s time to crank it up a notch with…


The idea is simple, take a game you like, loved or detested and shoot a little offscreen love of it in action.  Talk a little about what made it unique and let the world decide where it stands.  I’ve already done two such videos, one for Dragon Warrior VII and one for Fear Effect.  You can expect another one to pop up on our official YouTube channel tomorrow sometime.

So what do you think?  Brilliant idea or a horrible waste of time?  I’m going to keep experimenting with this feature until I find a formula that works.  Thus far I haven’t been able to figure out how to extract better quality footage, but I’m working on it.

I’ve got a ton of videogames I’m sure no one has heard of before, and some that many may not realize even exist.  Tomorrow’s game will be one of those such games.

Hopefully you’re all enjoying the feature, because it’s super easy to record and post, and it’s a heck of a lot of fun to tide you over in-between our current reviews and features.

8 thoughts on “Introducing “Remembering…””

  1. I love retro articles, so of course I’m all for this! I’ve never played Fear Effect, and I’ve never seen much of the game either, so it’s interesting to hear about it. All I can recall are snippets about the game in GameInformer and in online articles, but I’ve always been curious about what the game really looks like. Dragon Warrior VII is one I’ve played and know more about, but I actually got that one far later. When it originally came out, I didn’t buy many (or almost any video games) myself, I was only able to play ones my older siblings bought. I remember how difficult the first Dragon Warrior seemed to me at the time (I was really young when the series started), so I actually was a little scared of trying the games at first. I’d say that when Dragon Quest VIII hit the PlayStation 2 is really when I was hooked onto the series and then went back and played every one I could. I’ve grown to love the series, but more retroactively. It was one I wish I could’ve grown up more with, though I do remember watching one of my brothers go through and clear Dragon Warrior I, II, III, and IV on the NES.

    1. Dragon Warrior VII is an excellent game that so many people dismissed because of its simplistic graphics, which is a real shame as it remains one of the very best RPGs on the PS1.

      As for Fear Effect, it’s a very unique RE-style game, but the controls are what will either make or break the game for those wanting to play it today. It was extremely fun back in the day, and holds up surprisingly well even after all these years.

    1. Man, it is just uncanny that you brought up Eternal Darkness….I JUST got a friend of mine to finally play the game. It’s the perfect time of year to dive into horror games, and I convinced him to buy it. He looked around online and bought a copy for about $20, but he’s borrowing mine until his arrives. He’s already played in several chapters (currently at the chapter with Maximilian Roivas). It really is an amazing adventure game AND a wonderful piece of horror fiction. I’m not the best judge of the horror genre, there are many games I haven’t played yet (the Silent Hill franchise, most notably), but I still say it’s one of my all time favorites. The story is excellent, the voice acting still holds up well today, and it’s just a great adventure all around. The insanity mechanics still feel unique and compelling today. I’m just stunned that other developers haven’t even attempted to do this…it’s also one of the reasons I was actually disappointed with Dead Space 2. For a game series that was supposed to deal with fear and insanity, it sure felt lacking compared to Eternal Darkness. Just having scares based on enemies popping out of air ducts gets old.

  2. The one area that really shocked me with Eternal Darkness was just that Tim, the insanity effect. I remember one of them had my volume going up and down, and the thing is that the display was EXACTLY what my TV used so I was like WTF. Another time the TV went off, and I was O_O That was just awesome. Those moments will stay with me forever. What a damn shame that Silicon Knights has gone from developing that to…well…where they are now.

    Taken as a whole the original Resident Evil will likely remain my all time favourite in the “horror” genre only because it was SO original back in the day. I’ll never forget trying to leave the mansion only to have a hell hound try to take my face off. That was classic!

  3. Doesn’t it make you feel old to think that PSOne titles are “retro?”

    Remembering Clash at Demonhead Mountain, Blaster Master, Deadly Towers, EVO: Search for Eden, NARC, Adventure Island 4, Startropics, Demon’s Crest… too many titles… Why can’t the VC catch up?

    1. You know what makes me feel really old, the fact that I remember when Adventure Island 1 was announced and it was being done by the creators of Wonder Boy thanks to a legal battle, yada, yada, yada. Point being, that was over 25 years ago now O_O That’s very SCARY!

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