Latest “Remembering…” Episodes

If you haven’t been paying attention to our YouTube channel, you’ve been missing out!  Here are all the latest videos I’ve posted in this new feature of ours.

Remembering NES RPGs

Remembering The NES-101

Remembering the Neo Geo Pocket Color

Remembering Shining the Holy Ark

Take note that I finally have the ability to take direct-feed footage of composite-based systems so essentially every console from the NES up to and including this past generation.  From here on out all the videos in this series will be done using direct footage from the games.  Well, except for portables as I don’t really have any other options.

In the coming weeks I will also be receiving an HD PVR which will allow me to capture HD footage from the Xbox 360, and PS3.  At that time I will start to post video reviews on an almost daily basis.

I hope you guys are enjoying all this unique content and there’s so much more coming so keep it locked to Project C.O.E.!

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