Nintendo Hit Hard

While sales of the 3DS have exploded since the worldwide price drop, Nintendo has adjusted their annual financial forecast from a ¥20 billion ($264M) profit, to a ¥20 billion loss.  The main reason for this was thanks to a massive loss for the first six months of 2011, from ¥35 billion ($462M) to ¥70.2 billion ($926M).  The official breakdown for 2011 thus far has been as such the 3DS sold 3.07 million units along with 8.13 million pieces of software. The various DS models sold 2.58 million units and 29 million pieces of software. Finally, 3.35 million Wiis sold along with 26.45 million games.

Nintendo is hoping things improve for the remainder of the year, but remains skeptical on Wii sales even with Zelda launching soon.  The 3DS is expected to move many more units this holiday season thanks to blockbuster software releases like Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land.

One interesting piece of information that was released along with their financials was the fact that if the losses continue it will be the first time since Nintendo created Donkey Kong some thirty years ago that Nintendo has ever posted a yearly loss.  That’s fairly incredible and just goes to show how desperate Nintendo is to get their new platform out the door.

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