Shock Troopers Review

Shock Troopers (Available on PlayStation 3 & PSP)
ESRB Rating: T
Players: 1-2
Genre: Shooter
Publisher: SNK Playmore
Developer: Saurus
Release Date: August 30, 2011

Parent Talk: The ESRB rates Shock Troopers T for teen due to blood and violence.  Even though it’s 16-bit violence, there’s a decent amount of blood, so heed the ESRB’s recommended rating.

Plays Like: Contra and Gunstar Heroes.

Review Basis: Played arcade mode on PS3 and tried online co-op.

Details: PS3/$8.99; PSP/$6.99.

What’s This About?: A young girl has been kidnapped by the Bloody Scorpions.  The girl’s grandfather happens to have invented a new drug called Alpha-301, which creates super soldiers.  If only Captain America knew. By developing an army of unstoppable soldiers, the Bloody Scorpions plan to conquer the world.  Someone has to stop them!  That would be you.

What It’s Remembered For:

  • Six unique stages of awesomeness.  You can choose your path: through the jungle, mountain or valley.  Towards the end, you can opt to change your route. Depending on what you select and the characters chosen, the power-ups change.
  • Large cast of characters.  Eight unique characters sport different special attacks and standard weapons.  This makes choosing a character for particular situations fun, so creating the proper team is essential for survival on the higher difficulty settings.
  • Lone wolf or team battle, you decide.  If you use just one character and go solo, you enjoy a nice health bonus.  Team battle allows you to recruit three characters from the eight available.  Instead of a health bonus, you’re given a wide assortment of weapon power-ups.

  • Eight-directional movement and four commands.  Moving around in eight directions, plus strafing is pretty cool considering this is a 16-bit game.  Players can also use special attacks (typically a bomb or some other projectile), fire their primary weapon, roll and switch to another character on the fly.
  • Run and gunning at its best.  Shock Troopers isn’t remembered in the same vein as Contra, but it has a lot going for it.  The ability to fire in eight directions is extremely useful, and co-op is always fun.

Anything Else You Need To Know?

(Note that all Neo Geo Station games support PSN play, PSP play, region-selecting options for blood and added bounciness, visual smoothers, save states, bug editors, and command lists.)

  • The online co-op works great.  If you download this, play online!

Who Should Download This?

Shock Troopers is an excellent run and gun game for the Neo Geo Station.  Anyone remotely interested in the genre could spend hours online or offline with a buddy playing this great shooter.  After you learn the eight-directional shooting, the rest is a matter of going out there and having a blast.  This is an easy recommend for those interested in getting into the SNK groove.

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