MadCatz Is Back With Another Tournament Edition Arcade Stick

Lately I’ve been getting back into fighting games thanks to Steven and his new obsession with retro gaming.  Be sure to check out his YouTube channel (  He sure likes to spend money.  Notice that in this video…

He purchased a MadCatz Street Fighter IV arcade stick.  Those have been extremely popular, so popular in fact that MadCatz has officially sold out of both the standard edition and the tournament edition of the stick.  We’re talking global worldwide sellouts here.  So what’s a controller company to do when another huge fighter is gearing up for release?  Naturally they’ve teamed up with Namco Bandai for a brand new series of arcade sticks promoting Soul Calibur V.  Check out the first pic below.

Like before there will be a standard and tournament edition stick.  Players can either buy the Xbox 360 or PS3 version.  Sadly no hybrid versions will be made available, or at least no one is saying so as of this point.  That’s always been the only down-side to the MadCatz arcade sticks.  You have to choose.  There are other options available out there, but the quality of these sticks is extraordinary.  Pricing for the tournament edition sticks will likely be around $150 as it was for the Street Fighter IV sticks.  The standard sticks will likely be priced as before, at around $60 to $70.

Anyone interested in these new arcade sticks?

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