Oh Amazon, You So Silly

Well today was an interesting day.  Not only are we officially back to work, trying to secure all the biggest releases for the first quarter of the year, but we’re out there looking for the latest news to post.  You may have already heard of this story, but I just couldn’t resist and had to post it anyways.  Earlier this morning Amazon.com officially pulled the PlayStation Vita 3G model, saying it was “discontinued by manufacturer.”   Quite shocking wouldn’t you say?

We all know the system has been having a really rough time in Japan since it launched.  Sure the first week was great and all, but after that, BAM sales fell off quickly.  Today the system is being outsold by the original PSP.  Not exactly the best way to start the new year.  So Sony Computer Entertainment America decided to pull the plug on the 3G model for North America, right?  WRONG!  Turns out, as we expected, the 3G model is indeed coming to North America and Amazon simply pulled the plug on the device for no reason whatsoever.

No one loves me :( Oh, but they will...they will!

I’m sure this story will be updated in the coming days, but for now rest easy.  The Vita will be available on February 22nd, or a week earlier if you’re taking part in the First Edition pre-orders.  I thought this was an excellent way to kick off 2012, with a world-ending story.

Just out of curiosity, how many of you have pre-ordered the Vita and if so, which games are you looking forward to?  You know I’ll be here with virtually every launch title as soon as I get my grubby little ones on the device.  Uncharted: Golden Abyss for the win!

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