Infinity Blade Series Has Reached $30 Million In Sales Revenue

Who says mobile games aren’t the real deal?  Well clearly not Epic Games, as their latest iOS release, Infinity Blade has just surpassed $25 million in sales revenue, and its sequel has just passed $5 million.  That’s pretty impressive considering Infinity Blade II was released in December 2011.  It costs only $7 and is available for all iOS devices that are strong enough to run it.

I’d really like to know how profitable these games are for Epic.  They must be doing well for the company as they’ve put a lot of resources into developing for iOS over Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network.  Personally I really wanted a sequel to Shadow Complex, but instead the company has put all its efforts into iOS-developed titles.

For Android users out there, still no word on when or if these games will make their way to your devices.

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