Vita Off To A Rocky Start

By now you’ve heard that the Vita sold an impressive 324,859 units in its debut week.  While this number was slightly less than the 3DS debut, the 3DS was following up on the insanely popular DS, whereas the Vita was the successor to a platform that hasn’t been quite as popular.  Of course that doesn’t tell the whole story as in Japan the PSP has been the number one selling system for nearly two years straight so clearly there was major interest in the successor to the PSP.  Well, perhaps not.  In its second week of availability in Japan the system only managed to sell 72,479 units.  This week comes the crushing news that only 42,648 units were sold.  Ouch.  If this rate of decline continues, we could start seeing the Wii outsell the Vita as soon as next week, which has been the fourth highest selling platform up until the Vita was made available.  What’s interesting to note is that the 3DS also performed poorly at launch, but sold significantly more than the Vita did.  What this boils down to is this, the Vita is off to a much slower start than the 3DS.  Does anyone remember what Nintendo did when sales failed to meet expectations?  That’s right, they cut the price almost in half.  Could we see Sony do the same thing?

Before anyone gets too excited, there are a few key markets the Vita has yet to launch in, namely the rest of the world.  So while it may be struggling to find footing in Japan, the real test will be North America and Europe.  If the exact same thing happens in these markets, then Sony will be forced to make drastic moves.  Normally I’m not the type of guy who buys into the whole doom and gloom routine, but it is telling when a platform that was highly marketed and had huge interest fails to deliver in the country where it should be selling like gangbusters.  The problem lies in the software.  Get Monster Hunter on that thing and prepare for glory.  Problem for Sony is that Nintendo has signed an exclusive with Capcom for a new Monster Hunter on the 3DS.  Couple that with great 3DS titles like Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land, and it’s obvious why the 3DS has just exploded in the land of the rising sun.

2 thoughts on “Vita Off To A Rocky Start”

  1. I’m not too surprised Vita is off to a bad start, but it still has plenty of time to pick up. I’m definitely planning on getting one down the road. Games like Persona 4 The Golden and Ys have already convinced me to get the system.

  2. I think Nintendo did a brilliant move over in Japan. They released Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7 AND Monster Hunter 3G. If that won’t help keep the Vita down I honestly have no clue what will. So personally I see this as only logical. The launch line-up is also very North America and European skewed so I think once more Japanese-exclusive or at least important software gets released over there things should come around. I think the biggest wtf moment with the Vita thus far is how Sony didn’t think to work with Capcom on getting a Monster Hunter game in the works for the Vita right away. That seems like such a no-brainer given how popular the series was on the PSP.

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