Latest Round Of Next-Gen Rumors Surface

As time goes by we’re going to be hearing more and more about the next-gen console.  Today reports are coming in from all over the net suggesting the next Xbox will ship sometime in late 2013 with Kinect 2.0 bundled in with every machine sold.  By including the new Kinect hardware sources are saying that the hardware will be slightly less powerful than the PS4.  That said, both devices are said to be gearing up for a 2013 release date and that the odds are good Microsoft will launch their system up to four months before the PS4.

Right now these are nothing but rumors, but they seem quite plausible to me.  This year we should start to see both machines wind down somewhat.  Also, don’t be too surprised if both new next-gen consoles get mentioned at this year’s E3.  It seems only logical to start getting people excited about what to expect in the future.

What do you all think of this?

4 thoughts on “Latest Round Of Next-Gen Rumors Surface”

  1. I’m definitely interested in seeing what surfaces at E3. I’m particularly interested in seeing what Sony has to say about the PlayStation 4, and I hope that Nintendo will reveal more about the Wii U. To be perfectly honest though, I’m kind of predisposed to dismiss Microsoft. My Xbox 360 just broken down again (the disk drive doesn’t open) and I’ve just about had it. The exclusives don’t entice me as much as what Sony and Nintendo offer (the only games holding me to it are Lost Odyssey, Tales of Vesperia, Alan Wake, and Shadow Complex).

    At any rate, I’m really eager to see what all of the companies bring to the table. I think that Nintendo kickstarted the new series of announcements with the unveiling of the Wii U, so it makes sense that Sony and Microsoft would want to unveil their own machines to try and steal Nintendo’s thunder. Even if the Wii U comes out earlier than the competition, if consumers know a more powerful, more advanced machine is coming out shortly after, the hardcore market may be committed to wait.

    There are certainly several things I’d love to hear about these systems, but I get the feeling that we’ll hear some pretty basic details at this year’s E3, with more advanced information coming down the road as the a release comes.

  2. Yeah I think that makes sense Tim. This year we hear initial details with the full unveiling to be done next year right before launch. Perhaps Microsoft and Sony will do what Nintendo did at last years show and just reveal the machines and leave it at that. I’d be quite surprised to learn too much more than the basic information if the new consoles are only shipping in 2013, and late 2013 at that.

    I’m very curious to see what Nintendo is going to bring to the table. They’re the first ones out of the gate so they’ve got the most to prove. As for Sony and MS, I really don’t know what to expect except more of the same so anything new will be exciting.

    That sucks about your 360. Was it the newer model or the original white model?

    1. It was the original white model, but it was about the third time I’ve had problems with it. I just feel more attached to my PS3 and Wii–they are reliable and tend to have the games I want to play.

      I hope Nintendo decided to improve some parts of the Wii U (It would be cool if it could upscale Wii games), but I doubt that would happen. I think that Nintendo will unveil some launch details for the system though. After they admitted what problems there were with the 3DS launch, I think Nintendo will be smart enough to ensure the Wii U will have a stronger start. I’m especially hopeful that there will be a strong start for the Wii U’s digital platform, like a line of GameCube games for download.

  3. I think Nintendo should do whatever it can to ensure a nice smooth launch without a big drought of software and/or features. We don’t want another 3DS situation where tons of people buy the machine at full price and 6 months later Nintendo is forced to reduce the price by 30%. That hurts pretty much everyone involved.

    There are a few features Nintendo simply must work on, their digital platform must continue to see support. The Virtual Console was incredible, let’s keep that going. Get Saturn, Dreamcast and GameCube on there as well. Keep going with the weekly updates and be damn sure everything we bought on the VC on the Wii is transferable to the Wii U. If not, wow are people are going to be PISSED!

    I’d love for Wii and GameCube upscaling to be built into the box, but I think we can all agree that won’t likely happen. I’d also love a much more robust online community with easier friend activation and all around a better service. If they at least offered what Sony does that would be good enough, but why stop there. Give us something more akin to Live. Sony’s already making strides in this area with the Vita, let’s see what Nintendo can do.

    As for the PS4, honestly I’m still enjoying my PS3 so don’t really know what else to say there.

    For the 360, the black model is much, much better. After having gone through so many regular 360s, it will be nice to see MS come out with hardware that works longer than 6 months.

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