Any of You Looking Forward to Project Draco?

Now that I’ve reviewed the first two Panzer Dragoon games, with a third on the way, I was wondering if any of you have seen this?

Project Draco is a Kinect-exclusive game that’s being called the spiritual successor to Panzer Dragoon Orta.  It’s being released something later this year under a different name, which we don’t yet know.  It’s being developed by Grounding Inc, which is comprised of people from Team Andromeda, the original development studio behind the PD series.  Even the creative director is the same.  I only recently found out about this game, and given my last two video reviews were on Panzer Dragoon I’m in the mood for more.

The question I have for all of you is, are any of you interested in this Xbox Live Arcade Kinect-only download?

8 thoughts on “Any of You Looking Forward to Project Draco?”

  1. It’s only for Kinect? That makes me sad. :( I’d love to have the option to play with a standard controller, it’s not like it’s impossible to play a rail shooter with it. I’d love to have more Panzer Dragoon, the world needs it desperately, but only Kinect? Come on.

  2. Well keep in mind this isn’t really a Panzer Dragoon, unless Grounding asks Sega for the rights to use the name and share the profits. Right now the Project Draco title remains a working title, but hey who knows. Many people have asked Yukio Futatsugi why there won’t be a controller option and he says it’s because the game was built from the ground up for full body tracking that the dragon’s movements are completely based off that system, including the physics. Because of that a controller option just isn’t feasible.

    That said, I sure wouldn’t mind a deluxe edition or something like that where we were allowed to use a controller. Then again, let’s see how this turns out first.

  3. Yeah, that sounds fair. With the game being specifically built for it, I guess that makes more sense. I guess that was just my knee-jerk reaction to the announcement. I hope there’s a demo for the game so we can try it out.

  4. I think there will be given it’s an Xbox Live Arcade release after all. I just hope it features the same production values that the Panzer series did. They were amazing for their time.

  5. I cannot wait for this game, being a fan of panzer, this game and the gunstringer are the reasons to own a kinect for, well with dance central of course, but those two are more directed to the “core” gamer in me

  6. Have you been watching my retro Sega Saturn reviews? If you enjoy the Panzer series then go watch the videos! Just lick on the YouTube icon at the top of the site to be whisked away and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel if you haven’t already done so ;)

  7. Yeah Manu, be sure you do as there are tons of great games I’ve covered and many more to come on a variety of retro consoles. Naturally I’ll also be covering the new game releases as well, but before I can capture all the HD footage I require I need to make an expensive purchase on some recording equipment and money has been omega tight lately.

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