AT&T Reveals US Pricing For 3G Vita

As you likely know by now, anyone who purchases a 3G Vita in the US starting February 15th (for all your First Edition pre-orderers out there) you only have one choice of 3G provider, and that’s AT&T.  Unlike the Japanese 3G owners who get to use pre-paid cards in different amounts, AT&T will be offering their standard 3G data plans which go for $15 for the 250MB a month plan or $25 for the 2GB plan.  The good news is that no contracts need to be signed so you can only use the service for a month if you so desire.  To make the 3G model more lucrative Sony will be giving away one free game from the PlayStation Network (from a list of likely Sony-made games) to anyone who activates their 3G Vita through AT&T’s service.  That should help offset the $50 premium for the device.

The official Vita launch is on February 22nd, but eager fans can pre-order a First Edition system and receive their system a full week early.

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