Say Hello To A New Officially-Licensed Neo Geo Portable

Famicom-Plaza unveiled a brand new officially-licensed Neo Geo portable today, which is currently being called Neo Geo Portable.  We don’t know too much about the device, like when it will be made available or for how much, but what little we do know seems impressive.  The portable is 100% legitimate, not some cheap knock-off.  SNK Playmore have endorsed the project and we have the first pictures of the portable for your viewing pleasure.

The system comes in at 170 x 72 x 15mm!  That’s quite a bit smaller than the Neo Geo Pocket Color was.  Before you get too excited, realize that this device is intended for the retro Neo Geo fans, and it won’t be competing against the 3DS or the PS Vita.  Instead this new portable will come with 20 classic Neo Geo gems included on the motherboard, with future games available for download through the portable’s included SD card port.  The included games are…

World Heroes
Ultimate 11
Top Player’s Golf
Mutation Nation
Last Resort
King of Monsters
Fatal Fury Special
Art of Fighting
Super Sidekicks
League Bowling
Metal Slug
Magician Lord
Baseball Stars Professional
Samurai Shodown
The King of Fighters ’94
Fatal Fury

We also know that all of the games included will be based off the English versions, meaning no blood, but also English text which makes this extremely import friendly for those looking for all the SNK action they can handle on the go.

Here are a few more pictures of the device.  Keep in mind the developers have added a screen protector which is why some of the pictures show the screen with air pockets.

This is actually quite a nice looking portable
There's the screen protector I warned you about


Simple, yet attractive
Very elegant

So what do you think?  The asking price will most likely only be around $60-$70 or so.  Anyone interested?

6 thoughts on “Say Hello To A New Officially-Licensed Neo Geo Portable”

  1. Well, whoever designed this puppy is clearly an iPhone fan. Furthermore, who approved those shoulder buttons? R1 is out of place, and it along with L2 look like the size of a thumbtack. Interesting device anyway. Guess SNK doesn’t want to rely on the console download services to bring its games back.

  2. I hope this supports online play….. but I doubt it. Besides that, this looks pretty sick and something I never expected to get announced in this day and age.

  3. At first I thought this was a hoax, but it’s real! As a retro gaming fan, this definitely speaks to me. I don’t really understand why the L1/L2 and R1/R2 buttons aren’t uniformly designed on both sides, but that’s probably just an oversight here–I doubt this is exactly the way it will be when it finally ships. I like the small size and sleek nature of the device though, and for $60, that seems like something I’d love to have for my collection. It makes me wonder if SEGA would consider releasing a redone Game Gear in the same fashion?

  4. I was just talking to Steven about a Game Gear replacement Tim. Mine has sadly died on me so I can no longer even try any of my old Game Gear games again unless I purchase another one, and I don’t really want to do that because I’m sure the exact same thing will happen. That’s the only problem with color-screen portables of that age. Their screens just don’t last.

    As for this device, I’ll keep you all posted on whatever I learn as time goes on.

    1. My Game Gear still works thankfully, but I imagine it won’t last too long. My favorite game for it is definitely Shining Force. It was such a great game and it managed to retain all of the feeling of the Genesis versions, without feeling like an “RPG lite.” I can only hope that Game Gear games will be offered on the 3DS Virtual Console soon.

  5. I should take a video and show you just what happened. Basically the entire screen is white, and I have ti lie it down on the floor and look at it from an angle of about two degrees. Yes, it’s that bad. As for Shining Force, did you ever play Shining Force CD for the Sega CD? It’s a remastered version of Shining Force Book 1, 2, and 3 from the Game Gear. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, the Game Gear games are actually called Shining Force Book 1, etc.

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