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The Nintendo 3DS eShop is already home to a wealth of classics, but with Nintendo’s huge catalog of games, there is always more available. What Game Boy games would you like to see offered on Nintendo’s 3DS Virtual Console service? I present my list, in no particular order.

Mega Man Xtreme
Original Release: January 17th, 2001
Genre: Action
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom Production Studio 3

What Is It? Mega Man Xtreme is a portable spin-off game in the Mega Man X series, combining elements from both Mega Man X and Mega Man X2. In addition to classic enemies and stages, Capcom threw in multiple difficulty modes, new enemies, and an all new storyline to make the game into a distinct “new” entry rather than a simple port.

Why Is It Worth Playing? Few mascots do action as well as Mega Man, and the X series is particularly well-known and respected. Xtreme is a title that takes its cues from one of the best Mega Man games of all time, and manages to make it something new. While not as good as Mega Man X, this handheld outing provides great fun, a healthy level of challenge, several difficulty modes, and plenty of secrets. Better yet, each difficulty mode reveals more of the storyline. Mega Man is a classic game character and his handheld adventures are definitely worth playing. With the ability to save at any time via the restore point feature, playing on the 3DS could make difficult parts much easier.



Original Release: June 27th, 2000
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: NST

What Is It? Crystalis is a port of an NES game of the same name. Even though it’s unquestionably a clone of Zelda, Crystalis manages to be a thoroughly compelling adventure. The Game Boy Color port added new storyline elements, but unfortunately the original’s superior soundtrack was thrown out, supposedly due to licensing issues with SNK.

Why Is It Worth Playing? If you’re going to clone something, choosing Nintendo’s Zelda franchise is a great choice. Plus, the developers added in many elements to make Crystalis fun and engaging. You can find and equip a great number of different elemental swords, all of which are capable of multiple levels of magic attacks. For example, the Lightning Sword can shoot out small bolts of electricity at first, but later, it can rain down powerful thunderstorms. You can also find tons of items and magic spells, allowing you to fly, read minds, and shape shift. Crystalis was an incredibly ambitious game for the NES and a handheld version would be a welcome surprise.




Poke’mon Red/Blue
Original Release: September 30th, 1998
Genre: RPG
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Game Freak

What Is It? Do I really need to say anything here? Everyone knows about Poke’mon. It only makes sense that Nintendo allow us to download and relive the original generation. Though the Yellow version is debatably superior, the original Red and Blue versions hold a lot of nostalgic appeal. Remember all of the conspiracy theories about how to catch Mew? Facing down Team Rocket? Throwing down against your rival after beating the Elite Four? Catching Mewtwo? There are so many amazing moments. While the modern games have improved on so many parts of the formula, it’s good to respect the original.

Why Is It Worth Playing? Poke’mon is a fun turn-based role-playing game, but being on the 3DS could make any of the game’s shortcomings much more bearable. Being able to save anywhere with the restore point feature and the excellent display options could mean the best way to re-experience the classic. Hopefully Nintendo would also go ahead to implement wireless trading as well.






Dragon Warrior III
Original Release: July 30th, 2001
Genre: RPG
Publisher: Enix
Developer: Enix

What Is It? Dragon Warrior III is an upgraded version of an NES game of the same name. Like Dragon Warrior I & II for Game Boy Color, III managed to improve on the mechanics, graphics, and presentation of the NES original, making it become a classic in its own right. Dragon Warrior III for Game Boy Color was considered THE hardcore RPG for the platform and one of the system’s best games. Enix had taken extensive care in remaking the adventure.

Why Is it Worth Playing? If several perfect review scores aren’t indication enough, Dragon Warrior III was and still is an excellent game. The story was simplistic, but the amount of content was incredibly impressive for the time, and even now having a meaty RPG would be a nice addition to the 3DS Virtual Console catalog. Some kind of wireless trading feature would be necessary to take advantage of the “Monster Medal” system, but even without that, the classic turn-based gameplay, lengthy campaign, and timeless music and presentation make this a must play!




The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons/Ages
Original Release: May 14th, 2001
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo EAD/Flagship (Capcom)

What Is It? The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages were released simultaneously back in 2001. While they have some similarities, they are actually distinct adventures with unique gimmicks. What was more surprising was what Capcom was behind development—and they didn’t just make one “good” game, they managed to make two beloved classics. Both games are 2D adventures with an overhead perspective; similar to Link’s Awakening on the Game Boy Color. However, these games introduced a unique storyline (shared between the two games) and interesting design concepts. OoA was the more complex of the pair, focusing on the ability to go forward and backward in time. OoS was more focused on adventuring rather than puzzles, and the ability to swap seasons provided a distinctly different experience. However, having both versions meant you would have access to even MORE content.

Why Is It Worth Playing? Link’s Awakening DX is considered one of the better games available in the Zelda franchise. Both Oracle of Ages and Seasons are just as good and just as worthy. The exquisitely crafted dungeons, vibrant 2D graphics, and great content make both versions ideal buys.




Some other games I’d like to see include: Mega Man IV, Mega Man V, R-Type DX, and Harvest Moon.

What are some games you want to see hit the 3DS eShop?

6 thoughts on “Game Boy Wishlist”

  1. Man awesome article Tim! I can’t agree more with the selection, Dragon Warrior 3 would be sick, so would the original Pokemon titles…. even though the more recent ones have far outclassed the originals. I’d also like for them to release Warlocked, a real-time strategy game nobody seems to have played. It was an awesome game back then and I’m sure it would hold out pretty good today.

  2. Best original articles in ages. Way to go Tim. Seriously man, excellent job! I was so surprised to see this posted, it almost brought a tear to my eye. Why you might ask, because it gives me so many other ideas for different video features. So again, way to go man.

    Now as for the selection, well you hit the nail on the head for many of the games you mentioned. I’d love to see Dragon Warrior I.II and III make their way to the eShop along with Crystalis and any/all portable Zelda games. We already have Minish Cap and Four Swords, so let’s continue that with all the rest starting with the Oracle series.

    I purposely held off posting until Steven posted because I KNEW he would add Warlocked. I’ve been looking around for the game for some time and haven’t seen it, but he talks so highly of it that I know I’ll check it out one day. If it was available on the eShop that’d be an instant buy. I’d also really like to see the portable Castlevania titles make their debut, along with other systems like Game Gear. There were many classic titles that were released on the GG that are simply unplayable today because of the aging hardware. Unlike the original GB which you can still play on the GBC, GBA, Super GB adapter, the GCN GB adapter, etc, etc.

  3. Thanks guys! I stuck with GB/GBC games for the list, but I may go ahead and make another list for titles. There are so many GBA games that absolutely need to make it to the eShop: the three Castlevania games, the Final Fantasy Advance titles, and the Mega Man Battle Network series for example. The Game Gear also has tons of great games, but like you said, it’s difficulty to keep playing them.

  4. Yeah that’s the only thing with non-Nintendo portables Tim. Because none of them were successful before the PSP, the legacy hardware is all you’ve got and in most cases the screens on those machines don’t last forever. If you’re like me and have had your Game Gear in storage for years, then it’s likely dead. I know that isn’t the case for you Tim, but sadly it is for me. The same is true for other portables though, like the Lynx and even the Neo Geo Pocket Color and Wonderswan. I’d love to see all of these shop up in the eShop one day. Game Gear should be the one they focus on getting though as there are literally a ton of great games available.

    This subject is kind of interesting because I plan to do something with the PSP soon showcasing some of the best games on the platform that people should check out via the PSN on the Vita. It’ll be a video feature that I’ll take direct footage from the PSP-3000 Mal sent me. Very thankful for that actually, but I still need to order the A/V cables to record the footage. Anyways, same idea as this in a way, except showing people what’s already available on the PSN that they should think of downloading for their newly acquired Vita.

  5. Oh yeah, the WonderSwan! They could have some excellent games come from that system. It’d be really cool if they offered Rockman EXE WS or Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousensha. They don’t need much of an understanding of Japanese to enjoy.

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