Sony What’s Going On With The Vita? (UMD Conversion Program Canceled)

Let’s start off with a few facts.

Fact 1 – I’ve got a WiFi PlayStation Vita already pre-ordered from Futureshop here in Montréal that will be shipped out on February 15th.

Fact 2 – As you can tell from the latest video I posted on YouTube, I have quite a wide assortment of PSP games.

Fact 3 – I enjoy portables more so than regular console gamers, but not quite as much as Steven.

Fact 4 – I’m genuinely excited for the Vita.

Fact 5 – I’m a ruggedly good looking s.o.b.

So add all of these things together and I should be writing a news article gushing about how excited I am for the Vita to ship next week, right?  Well Sony is really doing everything in their power to sour the experience.  First there are the expensive memory cards, and the bizarre way the system uses them.  Some games use them to save data, some will use them to store DLC, but regardless, all games require a memory card even if they don’t actually use them.  What’s up with that?

Then there was the bizarre account restrictions, which still haven’t been completely clarified.  Some say you can only have one account on the system, others say it’s locked to the memory card, etc.  Whatever the truth is, it’s still very confusing and shouldn’t be, a week before the machine hits retailers.

Finally, there’s the digital download games coming in at a few bucks cheaper than their physical counterparts, which is completely ridiculous considering all the cost savings being done by having the games on a digital platform instead of a brick and motor store where the game boxes have to be made and the carts have to be pressed and shipped all over the world.  It doesn’t make any sense why the companies are giving us a savings of as low as $2 to $5.  I mean, really???

Today we can add another issue to the growing list, the PSP conversion program originally announced for Japan has been completely scrapped, at least in North America. The original plan was a little convoluted to begin with, having users basically use their existing PSP to sign into the PlayStation Network, register their game and then pay a reduced fee to download it from the PSN, that is if the title was even available.  While this is certainly not a deal-breaker, some saw it as at least an attempt to help those with huge PSP libraries get the most out of their games on the Vita.  Make no mistake about it, games like Syphon Filter and Resistance will be oodles better on the Vita thanks to the two analogs.

So what do you think of all this?  Personally I don’t really care so much because my PSP works perfectly and now that Marc-Andre has given me his PSP-3000 I can play all my old PSP games whenever I want.  It’s a little sad that I’ll have to pay full price to experience some of those better PSP games on the Vita, especially with Sony’s insane first-party PSN prices.  I’m just wondering what you guys think of all these little Vita issues that seem to continuously pop up every other week.  Does this have you concerned, or are you hyped to experience sure fire hits like Uncharted: Golden Abyss?  Let us know!

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