We’ve Got PlayStation Vita Games In Da House…At Least Steven Does…

Steven went to his local Wal Mart yesterday looking for some cheap PSP games, and other fine things to spend his millions of dollars on.  He was quite shocked to find the following…

You’ll have to excuse his superb photography skills.  I’m half convinced he was drunk while he took these shots as almost all of them are lop-sided or blurry, but hey that’s Steven for you.  I managed to convince him to take a bunch of other pictures comparing the Vita boxes and the actual games to various other related products, like a trusty PS3 controller!

That's the only picture you really need, but he insisted on showing more.
Smaller than a PSP game box...interesting...
Now that's very telling. These are some mighty small boxes.
As you can tell, these are some rather plain boxes. That isn't an instruction manual, as Vita games no longer ship with instruction manuals. Instead that's the voucher that contains the online pass code.

Now we move on to the actual game carts themselves.  These things are omega tiny guys.  For those that don’t know, Canadian currency is the same size as American currency.  You’ll understand why that’s important in just a sec.

Yup, these games make the 3DS carts look big. Incredible, no?
Always a useful way to show the size of things.
Starting to get a little worried you might accidentally put one of these down and never find it again? Yeah, same here.
There goes Steven, showing off all his wealth again.
That's the Canadian two-dollar coin. Those things are so rare, Steven must be a millionaire. Incredible how it even outshines the Vita cart.

So there you have it folks.  You’ve all learned three things today.

1) Steven is insanely rich.

2) He desperately needs to take a photography class.

3) Those Vita games are mighty small.

Hope you enjoyed.

2 thoughts on “We’ve Got PlayStation Vita Games In Da House…At Least Steven Does…”

  1. ALl i have to say is WOW. Is it just me but won’t those be easy too loose or step on and break.

    I’m interested in getting the Vita but I might wait till it goes down in price if it does.

  2. That will completely depend on how successful the device is in North America. If the Japanese woes make their way here, I’m certain Sony will have no choice but to bite the bullet and reduce the price. Thing is though, this is clearly a very expensive system and I’m not so sure they have the same wiggle room Nintendo had.

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