Canadian Gamers – Episode 1

Enjoy our newly launched podcast. Be sure to subscribe, and we’ll let you know when it’s available on iTunes everyone.

Leave a comment letting us know topics you’d like us to cover, and whether or not you enjoyed what you listened to. Oh and we promise, this podcast won’t be 7 months long like our previous one.

For those curious as to why it’s being called Canadian Gamers, it’s because it’s original.  Canada is made up of so many different cultures, that I thought this was fitting.  The site has support from all over the world and the incredible team that helps out ranges from the US to Saudi Arabia.  How many other gaming sites can say that?  Yeah, not very many so I thought a little play on “Canada” would be fun, and hey it’s original, just like this very website.

Hope you all enjoy.

6 thoughts on “Canadian Gamers – Episode 1”

    1. It’s because the site is currently going through maintenance. It should be back in ten or 15 minutes. Sorry about that, it’s a problem we should only have for the next little while until Apple approves our iTunes subscription and then you can subscribe and listen directly through there, which will make it 100 times easier. Just keep refreshing every so often and the player should appear in the space before the text.

  1. Making me jealous bringing our podcast back…shame on you gentlemen :P Good stuff though, it was long overdue. My comments are as follows…

    1) You need to listen carefully to Steve to understand him at times. I wonder if there’s some kind of software to improve international communication?

    2) Get ready to clean out the fridge on your Vita ;)

    3) Congratulations on 30 minutes :)

  2. Really liked this I have to say. And Steven, I’ll be your sound guy once I get back to Hearst :)

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