4 thoughts on “Dragon Quest VI Review”

  1. Excellent video good sir. Really enjoyed all you had to say on this game. Truth be told, I doubt this would remain my favorite DQ after replaying the entire series today. I believe it would be between IV and V, but VI will always hold a very special place in my heart because of my obsession with A Link to the Past.

  2. Good job Steve. You sound more and more comfortable with each video, and less panicked about not speaking English as well as you do French. Keep it up :) my suggestion would be to not wait so long before finally speaking. A lot of people probably won’t mind, but ten minutes is a long time for a video review. I’d like to hear you start sooner.

  3. Good suggestion Justin. I tend to do that because I honestly am afraid of running out of things to say, but usually end up having to rush the end anyway.

  4. Great review!! For me, this is my personal favorite Dragon Quest game, right alongside the amazing Dragon Quest VIII. I think part of that comes from nostalgia, but it’s still such a well crafted adventure. The story and characters are very memorable, especially.

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