PS Vita Unboxing

Jarrod just got his Vita in the mail.  Check out the official unboxing below.

For those that also bought the first edition Vita, keep in mind that PlayStation 3 users cannot currently tell what you’re up to on your Vita, even though you can send messages back and forth.  If you’re using your Vita you will simply appear offline to PS3 users.  Sony will issue a firmware update to fix this likely sometime next week when the system officially launches.

I’m going to have tons of impressions and videos over the next few days.  Reviews begin tonight!

5 thoughts on “PS Vita Unboxing”

  1. I am also impressed by it’s size. I ‘d love to get my hands on that nice, thick and long piece of man..made technology. fo sho ;)

  2. Very well-done boss man. I’d love a Vita, but alas I will be sticking with mobile gaming for the foreseeable future. Oh well, at least I should be able to invest in a tablet later this year, and grab a new phone in a little over a year. Should be a lot of fun. Enjoy your new toy :)

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