8 thoughts on “Canadian Gamers – Episode 3”

  1. Yeah regarding Snake Eater 3D, I actually said that it borders on being a remake…but it’s not a full-fledged one. That’s what I was telling you on Facebook. It’s more of an enhanced port of the original, not a full fledged remake. So you misunderstood me on that part. If you guys recall, I don’t think that the original Snake Eater had behind-the-back 3rd person view…that got that straight off of Peace Walker for the 3DS version. That’s one example of the features added.

    As for that beehive thing you were talking about Steven, yes that was in the original Snake Eater, too. I checked. The difference with the 3DS version is that you have to balance yourself via Gyroscope when passing through the bridge.

  2. Check this out guys. I sent two games to this girl and she really appreciated it ha ha :)

  3. Ahmed, the behind the back camera is from Subsistence, the best possible version of Snake Eater. As for the gyroscope, you’re right about that, although to be honest, it controlled like ass. I slipped off the bridge at least 10 times while trying to pass it.

  4. Really, Steven? Color me surprised. I thought MGS4 was the debut of the behind-the-back aiming, not Snake Eater. But yeah, the gyroscope aiming sucked.

  5. Very cool stuff Mal. Sorry about the confusion there Ahmed.

    So it’s sure looking like the HD remastered version for the Vita may be the best version if they add a few bonus features. Either way I’m going to pick this one up because I just love me some MGS3.

  6. If they integrate the Vita’s touch-screen then it’ll definitely give the 3DS version a run for its money. If it’s just a straight forward HD remaster like the PS3 version then it’ll simply look pretty and become portable. Any release dates projected? I’d imagine they’d want to keep it far apart from the 3DS version because one will hurt the sales of the other.

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