Nintendo Makes Major Announcements For 3DS

Where to begin.  While most of the media coverage you’re going to see over the next few days and weeks will be centred on Sony’s newly launched PlayStation Vita, Nintendo wanted to make sure people were also talking about their portable, the 3DS.  So what’s a smart company to do, well release a whole bunch of announcements on the day your rival launches their platform and try to convince people to pick up a 3DS over a Vita.  Smart, no?  Well that’s the way the business game is played.  So here’s all the goodies Nintendo announced early this morning.

1) The Last Story is heading to North America, thanks to XSEED.  It’ll arrive “summer 2012.”  This is hands-down the biggest news revealed today.

2) Game Gear releases will hit the 3DS’ Virtual Console starting this March with Sonic, Shinobi, and Dragon Crystal.  We’re awaiting confirmation on when the program will launch in North America, as it was confirmed only for Europe and Japan.  It’ll hit here soon enough I’m positive.

3) Sega, Namco Bandai, and Capcom are all teaming up for some secret project for the 3DS.  No details were revealed, but the sheer quality these three companies posses means it should be something special.

4) New Brain Age games will be coming, this time featuring a demonic Dr. Kawashima, apparently reflecting the increased challenge.

5) Fire Emblem 3DS will have free DLC for a short period of time before going the paid DLC route.  New maps and missions have been confirmed as DLC.

6) Nintendo formally announced Mario Tennis Open is being developed by Camelot Software, and will be available for the 3DS in North America on May 20th and in Europe on the 25th.

That’s a ton of announcements, but it didn’t stop there.  Players all over the world happened to notice something interessting in their SwapNote:

Now what could this be about?

One thought on “Nintendo Makes Major Announcements For 3DS”

  1. Way to go Nintendo! While I admit I want a Vita BAD, I’m happy with my 3DS. There are quite a few games that have come out recently I’m dying to pick up, like Resident Evil Revelations, Tekken 3D Prime, and Tales of the Abyss. I’m also very excited for Spirit Camera, Kid Icarus Uprising, and now Mario Tennis looks like great fun. I’ll definitely get that. Fire Emblem will also be a must-buy for me. Great news on the Game Gear library coming to the Virtual Console as well. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer and we can start to see Neo Geo Pocket games!

    And finally….The Last Story. I can’t wait to play it. Very excited for it. I’m just surprised Nintendo didn’t want to try to publish the game.

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