Killzone 3’s Multiplayer Hits PSN Next Week For Free As A Standalone Release

The headline sort of says it all.  Sony is going to release the multiplayer portion of Killzone 3 on the PlayStation Network/Store for free, with the next store update early next week.  There’s a catch of course.  Once players hit level 15 they will be asked to pay $14.99 for the “full” multiplayer experience.  By the time players hit level 15 they should know whether or not this is for them.

While this is certainly an interesting move on Sony”s part, potential customers should know that the full game, with included multiplayer, can be purchased online for under $30 from sites like Amazon or eBay.  Anyone looking to see what I had to say about the game, need only click here for my full written review.

So I’m kind of curious if any of you will be checking this out.  Let me know by leaving a comment below.