Canadian Gamers – Episode 6

It’s time for another podcast.  This time it’s all about Steven, as he breaks down the huge Pokémon news that’s taken the gaming world by storm.  He also touches upon his initial impressions of Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater for the 3DS.  Hope you all enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Canadian Gamers – Episode 6”

  1. Just wanted to clarify that Black and White 2 will be the 8th and 9th pokemon game for the DS. Said 6th and 7th in the podcast for some reason.

  2. Yeah for a sequel ha ha

    Give me a good Matchmaking and leaderboards and i’m happy, But the ds hardware sux too many balls for that sooooo…

    What i really want to say here i guess is… BALLS.

  3. We’re going to try something different with the podcast next time to improve Steven’s quality. We’ll see what happens. Basically I’m going to reroute the computer such that when he speak the audio will pass trough GarageBand before coming out to my speakers. I’m hoping there won’t be any feedback on my end, but we’ll see how it goes.

  4. If you do that, make sure to have headphones on. or else nothing will change imo GL!

  5. We’ll see how it works. The problem has always been getting the voice from other people because I’m using a simple setup here. However thanks to Soundflower I can basically tell the auto to not only go through my speakers, but to go directly through Garageband, which should make it greatly increased compared to what we’re doing right now.

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