Vita Sells 1.2 Million Units Worldwide

Sony passed along a press release this morning that said the PlayStation Vita has now crossed the 1.2 million units sold mark, not shipped.  379,000 units have been sold in Japan as of February 19th, while the North American and European launches have boosted that number all the way to 1.2 million as of Sunday February 26th.  Basically that means the rest of the world had sales of 821,000 units, give or take.  I know many of you would like us to compare the initial sales to those of the 3DS, but it’s a little difficult to do given Nintendo never really told us worldwide sales at launch.  We do know that 3DS sold 3.6 million units during its first month of availability, 400,000 in the US, 371,326 in Japan, and 439,206 units in Europe.  That gives a total of 1.21 million systems sold, but doesn’t include all the territories Sony listed.

Sony also said 2 million pieces of software have been sold across both retail and digital download, meaning almost every person who bought the system picked up two games, which is a good sell-through ratio.

Do you consider these sales to be spectacular or a failure?  In my eyes, they’re pretty good.  I wouldn’t go as far as saying they’re incredible, but given the price of the system and the stiff competition from the incredible line-up of 3DS software, smartphones, etc. I think Sony did a very good job with the launch.  Now it’s time to see if they can continue to keep sales high throughout the rest of the year.

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