Vita Version of MotorStorm RC Will Be FREE Tomorrow

Thanks to Scion, the Vita version of MotorStorm RC will be available for download for free starting tomorrow, on the PlayStation Network.  The PS3 version will be $9.99, and both version will have a ton of downloadable content ready for your downloading pleasure.  You can’t really argue with a price like that, can you Vita owners?  This is a limited time promotion so make sure you score your download ASAP.

Thanks Scion.

2 thoughts on “Vita Version of MotorStorm RC Will Be FREE Tomorrow”

  1. It comes in at over 600MB Steven, so you’re out of luck unless you go out there and pick up another memory card. Sucks, I know. Wish these damn things were cheaper man. I’d buy a 32GB one and be good for at least a year. As it is now, I too am going to have to go buy another one shortly.

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