New Vita Games Announced For Japanese Market

While we were supposed to hear about a new GTA, and a few other PSP-to-Vita games like FF Type-0, instead the news from Japan is about several other games heading to the Vita in that region.

First up is Phantasy Star Online 2 which was PC-only, will now be coming to the Vita and will use the same servers as the PC version.  Players can even take their PC-created characters and transfer them over to the Vita version.

Other new games announced include Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki, Gundam Musou, and Super Robot Wars.  All of these should be pretty big games for the Japanese market, but are clearly no substitute for Monster Hunter.

Perhaps the most interesting announcement made today was that Mega Man-creator, Keiji Inafune, is working on a new Vita game tentatively titled Project Discovery.

The final announcement made was the release date for the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, which will hit Japanese Vitas on June 28th.  An interesting note to make is that all the games featured on the collection will have touch-screen abilities, but no further details were provided as to exactly what that means.  The HD collection will also feature trophies and players will be able to send their saved data to their PS3s to continue the games there should they be so inclined.

No word yet on any North American announcements, but rumors suggest it won’t be too long before we hear something.  Should the news break later today I’ll be sure to update the story.

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