Diablo III Set For May 15th, 2012…Yeah, 2012 Not 2098

The title says it all everyone.  One of the most highly anticipated games of all times will hit PCs and Macs everywhere on May 15th of THIS year.  It’s incredible, I know.  I’ll be there on day one for sure, what about you?

6 thoughts on “Diablo III Set For May 15th, 2012…Yeah, 2012 Not 2098”

  1. I’d have to get a new video card just to be able to play it, so getting the game at all is out for me unfortunately. That’s what I get for buying a budget computer with an ancient graphics system. :(

    As for Diablo III, I honestly can say that I’m not very interested in it since I quickly tired of playing Diablo II. Median XL (a mod) helped for a while but it didn’t take long before I tired of it too, and I have the feeling that this game would probably be more of the same.

  2. Ièll be there for sure. I played the beta and I can assure you its addicting and awesome and I can’t wait to see whAT happens next :)

  3. Looks like it’s time for me to finally upgrade my computer. Been running an extremely old PC for ages now, and my MacBook Pro is only a Core Duo. Think I’m going to pick up next month’s iMac for the mrs and I. Then I’ll just build myself a cheap PC that can easily handle all the latest games. No longer have the time for the insane PC hardware.

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