Donation & Game Submission Initiative

So what’s this all about?  Ever since the Kickstarter explosion, you know, where Double Fine asked for money to create a new point-and-click adventure game, I’ve been getting emails from people asking if we planned to do something similar.  Truth be told, I looked into it and it was way too complicated for such a small site like ours.  So I figured well if people are willing to help take the site in a bold new direction, why not start a donation initiative?  I hate asking for money, but people seemed genuinely interested in helping out.

So what am I planning to do with the trillions of dollars we get, spend it all on a gorgeous Hawaiian vacation baby!  Maybe… Actually the truth is I’ve been looking into posting daily or so high definition video reviews, using the pros and cons system we’re currently using for written reviews.  Don’t worry, I still plan to write reviews as well, but videos are much easier to get out there at a far quicker pace.  I need special HD recording equipment in order to make this happen, and also special audio equipment, etc.  If the donation initiative works out, I’ll be able to get this stuff for the site way quicker than I could on my own, which in turn would mean more awesome content for everyone to enjoy.  Interesting, no?

After that, I plan to use whatever funds we receive to recreate the site from the ground up so we can deliver a much more user-friendly experience.  Who knows though, we may end up with $5 and that’s it.  If so, well no worries, we’ll get there eventually.

As for the game submission initiative, this is something I’ve been planning for some time now.  A few months back a reader asked if he could send us a retro game to review, but I felt bad having someone give up their game.  A few weeks later I started getting more requests so I figure this is something I should check out.  I plan to open a P.O. Box in the very near future so we can get the ball rolling.

Finally I also plan to bring on several new people that just so happen to be located right around where I live, which should make for more updates and a wider assortment of content for your viewing pleasure.

I’ve said this a million times already, but thanks for your continued support and for anyone that donates, thanks for helping make my dreams a reality.  I’ve always wanted to go on an all expenses paid vacation…oh I mean taking the site in bold new directions!

-Jarrod Nichol

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  1. I love that movie! I hope we can raise enough money to start pumping out HD video reviews with direct feed footage. That has been a dream of mine for ages now and if we can start doing that I will be so happy.

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