The Last Story: Video Gaming Log — The First Two Hours!

I present to you, my “let’s play” of The Last Story for the Wii! The first two hours are here so far (divided into 5 videos) with live English commentary as I play:

So I’m using an HD Canon camera to capture the footage off screen, but have it as authentic to direct capture as possible by centering the camera to the HDTV borders and only limiting it to the gameplay. Additionally, I’m using a Wii HDMI converter combined with my receiver’s 1080p upscaling chip to push the visuals to its limits. While it’s not true 1080p, this is the best the Wii can get in HDTV displays. So please comment on the quality of footage. I’ll adjust my settings if needed. Just don’t forget to set YouTube to 720p or 1080p for the best quality.

I hope you guys enjoy this footage and commentary, because based on the feedback I get, I’ll continue to put these up and maybe even make a video review once I’m done.

13 thoughts on “The Last Story: Video Gaming Log — The First Two Hours!”

  1. I demand a video review! This is an excellent series Ahmed, but I’m wondering if it would be better suited to smaller chunks. It’d be a lot more work to do that though, so we’ll see what others have to say about this. Any video content is good content in my eyes, and the quality here is awesome.

    1. Good suggestion! Nah, that’s actually easy to make the chunks smaller…but up until now I just don’t know what’s the right length for game footage. I figured RPGs should be divided into 20-30 minute chunks because these games are naturally longer. But what do you think? Should I got for 15 minute videos instead?

  2. That’s true Ahmed, not so sure. How about you let YouTube and COE dictate that. If you see people aren’t really commenting or watching the video, then try shorter videos, but if this works, then just leave it as is.

  3. That’s another idea, Steven. My problem with that is that’s extremely hard for me to edit and manipulate the footage because my laptop is slow and I only have movie maker on Windows. I basically need a Mac to easily make edited videos and pump them out in a timely manner. As of right now, it’s hard enough to get what I capture off the camera to the laptop because of the large HD files.

  4. Just to note I can easily cut down the length of videos by simply stopping the video capture at 15 minutes or so instead of 30. Since this is a live playthrough, I can’t predict when exciting things will happen because these are my live reactions.

  5. This is why I adore my Mac. I love this thing. I can capture and edit a video review in no time at all. It takes some time for the processing of the video, think of it like compiling the video to HD. That can take a very long time, but the upload takes no time at all. A 10 minute video takes maybe five minutes and YouTube is directly built into the program so it’s super simple to get up and running. You can also customize the soundtrack in Garageband which is perfect. So I do my voice over in Garageband before doing anything, then edit it into the movie I make, add some transition effects and presto, done.

    1. Man if I had an i7 Mac, I can easily pump up good video reviews because of the powerful processor and editing software which everyone praises. As of right now though, let’s plays and live commentary are the most practical that I can get when it comes to gaming footage.

  6. Yeah that’s exactly what I’m looking into. It helps speed up the whole process. It takes a little getting used to the Mac OS though, but I’ve been on it for years and years now so I could easily help you figure out any potential issues you might have. Screen sharing is extremely useful for those just learning the OS.

    1. BTW, I wish we can find a way to allow our videos in the COE channel to extend more than 10 minutes…but for some reason we can’t do that. That’s why I primarily post on my channel; it’s easier to manage and not worry about length. We do have an alternate route for that, though. Favor, Jarrod: check out the alternate COE channel, COEVRs. I think that since it’s new and fresh, we can up the video to more than 10 minutes there. You just have to provide YouTube with your cellphone number. The option of extending the channel should be under the upload menu.

  7. Do you know why this was omitted from our main channel though? I never understood why we couldn’t be allowed the other features. Also, how do you know what our limit is exactly. I’m thinking I might just ask Google what’s up with that, but I need to know the details first. So where did you check to find the info?

    1. All I know is under the upload menu, you should find a link that says something like “want to upload more than 15 minutes?” And from there you provide your cellphone number. And maybe I’m mistaken for the default length. It was 10 minutes before, but I think it’s 15 now. Not sure.

      I’m not sure why we aren’t allowed to increase it. Maybe because of the current copyright strikes we have? I wish we can negate those and make our main channel good standing again. Is there a way to do that?

  8. I found out that it is exactly that, we have a copyright strike against us and that’s preventing it. It should be lifted soon as I removed the video in question a long time ago. They automatically disappear in 6 months so long as you don’t get in any other trouble, which we aren’t. There’s no way to contact Google/YouTube though because otherwise I’d tell them to simply lift the strike and explain we’re a media outlet so no duh we have trailer of games, etc.

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