Video Gaming Log: The Last Story — Chapters 5 through 7!

Behold, readers. More of my “let’s play” of The Last Story, clocking another two hours. I’m really liking this game so far. I should write gaming logs to accompany the videos, but I think they speak for themselves, particularly when I’m doing live commentary analyzing certain things from time to time. I’m also joking around here and there. I slightly modified the settings of my HDTV so the footage may look different from the last batch. Please comment whether it’s better, worse, or the same.

Here’s the playlist as usual, with parts 6 to 10 as new uploads:

9 thoughts on “Video Gaming Log: The Last Story — Chapters 5 through 7!”

  1. I’m now at a point where I’m not sure I want to watch anymore Ahmed, and not because of your quality, commentary, etc. It’s just that I would like to go in fresh and not have any of the finer details of the gameplay spoiled. Keep up the good work though my man.

  2. Yeah, I get you, man. The problem with these type of videos is that they’re not spoiler free. Whoever is playing or played the game will be the ones who are interested in them, as well as people who are not planning to play it yet still want to see what the fuss is about. I’m not sure if I’ll keep making these for The Last Story as the reception hasn’t been exactly stellar, so I may be lessening the content and try to take Steven’s suggestion of filming interesting sections if I can even do that. We’ll see. I’ll experiment with my next batch.

  3. No views or comments man. I’ll be patient and see what happens, but for now I’ll try to change up unless somebody tells me not to. I only had one guy who commented positively on the first video…and there’s you of course. Other than that, there’s tumbleweeds everywhere.

  4. YouTube is like that though. Would you believe we had almost 40,000 views to the COE videos in the last 30 days? In that time we had under 100 comments on over 400 videos!

    1. People still love our old videos, especially the E3 ones with the live reactions and whatnot…hence the sweet views. Some of the new Vita reviews you’ve made are also making their way up quite nicely. Like you said though, it’s a hit or miss depending on the content.

  5. Yeah it’s odd sometimes, but I’m positive if we continue to deliver new video reviews the hits will slowly start stabilizing. Since I started posting the Vita reviews and other content on a more regular basis our subscribers have jumped up by almost a 100. That shows me promise if we can continue down this road.

  6. I cannot wait for this game and xenoblade, both are really great games, and xenoblade is the best rpg of this generation IMHO.

    As for the other topic, i cannot wait for your input about the upcoming E3, for me E3 and projectcoe are intwertine, really

  7. Awesome Manu. Goodness, what’s your real name? I hate always referring to you as Manu lol. You’ve been here for years and I think you’re really going to love some of the big changes coming up. HD video reviews are just around the corner for virtually every console release. It should be awesome! As for E3, we applied, and hopefully everything goes smoothly.

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