Would You Like Some Coffee With Your Monster Hunter?

While a North American release date for the game has yet to be announced, Monster Hunter 3G shipped for the 3DS in December of last year here in Japan, moving over 1 million units within just two weeks. It goes without being said that the latest re-release of 2009’s Wii hit Monster Hunter Tri is a big deal to Japanese gamers. There’s also been what can only be described as an all-out attack of a marketing campaign. The latest bit of merchandising? Monster Hunter coffee. In a carton.

I picked some up at 711 the other day before heading to a soubetsukai (farewell party) for one of the places I work at. They keep this stuff in the cooler, separate from a big rack of Monster Hunter swag near the cash registers. But more importantly, how does it taste? It’s delicious. Thank you, Capcom, for spamming my eyes and now my taste buds with such a vast array of Monster Hunter merch. Maybe I will even buy MH3G one day. Maybe.

9 thoughts on “Would You Like Some Coffee With Your Monster Hunter?”

  1. Monster Hunter…coffee? Seriously? And it tastes good? Never knew this thing even existed until you mentioned it. You should clue us in on more of these bits as you encounter them. Makes me wanna go to Japan. :)

  2. You should do more articles like this while you’re still in Japan Charles. Where else would anyone find something like this lol.

    As for the merchandising, this doesn’t surprise me at all. The same stuff happens when a brand new DQ hits, or a new iteration in the FF series. Remember those Final Fantasy Potion drinks lol. Anyways, awesome post and seriously, do more of them!

  3. Yeah I heard the same Ahmed, that it was “an acquired taste” lol. I was going to import some, but that sort of threw me off because it was rather expensive to import and if there’s a good chance I won’t like it, well screw that lol.

  4. I came across various Potion drinks when I was in Vancouver last spring but opted out of buying any because they were so expensive. I think I saw some floating around here but I can’t remember where. Was probably as part of the marketing campaign for FFXIII-2.

    Lots of merchandising indeed. I drink flavoured Pokemon milk fairly often because it is also quite delicious. And most the spoons I use in my place have Victini and Pikachu handles because I got them out of Pokemon Frosted Flakes (‘Frosties’ in Japan) cereal boxes lol.

  5. He already has me convinced, Jarrod…I just want to see all this sort of stuff as it’s nice for gaming to be a bigger part of culture there instead of being isolated in its own world. And Charles, you can convince Jarrod to move there if you post some Dragon Quest stuff. :P

  6. Oh that I’ve seen, and own my man ;) If I ever move to a place large enough for my gaming room, you will see some really wild stuff ;)

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