Social Xbox Hardware Coming Soon?

Joystiq has a really interesting rumor up that seems the most plausible one we’ve heard yet.  Apparently Microsoft is looking into releasing an Apple TV-like device that will cater to the light social gamer out there.  The newly formed Xbox will do away with an optical medium, instead focusing on Xbox Live Arcade games and Kinect apps, which does fit with what we heard earlier, except this won’t be the next Xbox, but rather a watered down, and much cheaper version of what’s already out there.  Joystiq’s mock-up simply takes an Apple TV and slaps on the Xbox logo, but it’s fitting if this is what Microsoft is going for in terms of the casual market.

So what do you guys think about this?  Of all the rumors I’ve heard this one seems very possible because it wouldn’t cost the company much money, and it targets a very specific group of people.  It also gives the company another way of pushing their content to a group of different users.  The next full Xbox is expected to be released within the next year or so.  We’ll update this story with more information if and when it becomes available.

One thought on “Social Xbox Hardware Coming Soon?”

  1. It makes sense. A watered down SKU marketed as a ‘home entertainment device’ would not be difficult for Microsoft to release and seems to be in line with their plans to take over the world’s living rooms. They’ve got such a robust set of multimedia features put together that this kind of stripped-down unit could really succeed.

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